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The Wednesday Report, Canada's Aerospace and Defence Weekly
The Wednesday Report, Canada's Aerospace and Defence Weekly
The Gulf War I / II


Gulf War II - Saddam, Bio/Chem... The lead up to war in the Gulf. Year 2003.
Gulf War II - Images of War March 19 to March 23, 2003
Al Qaeda Terrorist Manual In 1998, Al-Qaeda bombed two American embassies in East Africa. The FBI investigation was a big success. Al-Qaeda insiders became informants and a terrorist training manual was found.
The Wednesday Report
agents of bacterial origin
The process involved in the identification of a biological agent is difficult even under the most favourable conditions. Any attack will probably come with little or no warning. Unusual disease agents, mixtures of various agents, very high infective doses, and unusual portals of entry or methods of infection will be employed, all of which will make even more difficult the task of identification of the organisms as well as the diagnosis of the disease it produces.
The Wednesday Report
maps and charts
maps and charts from the Gulf war coverage in The Wednesday Report, Canada's Aerospace and Defence Weekly - some images will be quite large in file-size
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twr32v4- Gulf War
A HINT OF PENDING HORROR? Saddam Hussein has threatened to destroy half of Israel with binary nerve gas (school children in Israel now routinely don gas masks as part of their air-raid drills). He has thumbed his nose at the West with the execution early this summer of Farzad Bazoft, a British-based Iranian journalist.
The Wednesday Report
twr33v4- Gulf War
Special Report On "Operation Desert Shield - How is it that despite the enormous risk encumbent with amassing opposed armed forces in a `hot spot' like the Middle East, this man, Saddam Hussein can provoke that reaction? Could it simply be righteous indignation over the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait? Is it oil? Money? Power?
The Wednesday Report
twr34v4- Gulf War
SUBMITTING TO TERRORISM - Yesterday, some 700 Canadians among an estimated 20,000 hostages, "detainees" for those with timid tongues remained in either Kuwait or Iraq as Saddam Hussein began to install clusters of hostages at what he considers to be strategic targets, those likely to be raided by U.S. and allied forces in a shooting war. Some five hundred Canadians are said to be in occupied Kuwait and two hundred are in Iraq.
The Wednesday Report
twr35v4- Gulf War
Special Report: Iraqi Aggression and the Politics of the Arab World - He has detained as hostages the diplomats and workers of numerous nations and used their children in an atrocious psychological manipulation of the peoples of western nations. He has wreaked dread upon innocents by threatening acts of terrorism the world over. His adventurism threatens to take control of the Middle East, choking the flow of petroleum energy, promoting automobile fuel prices climbing to $1.00 per litre, right here in Canada.
The Wednesday Report
twr36v4- Gulf War
ASSAULT FORCE OR DEFENSIVE ACTION? Tragically, the Iraqi Army the most aggressive force in the region is, for the most part, the creation of the Soviet Union.
The Wednesday Report
twr38v4- Gulf War
CANADIANS HEAD FOR WAR - On September 15, Governor General Ray Hnatyshyn signed the federal cabinet's Order in Council ordering "Operation Scimitar" to active service duty in the Persian Gulf. On September 16, destroyer Athabaskan, frigate Terra Nova, and supply-ship Protecteur entered the Red Sea bound for the Arabian Sea and inevitably, war in the Persian Gulf. Transport Command will airlift troops from third-world countries into Saudi Arabia and a full squadron of CF-18s will provide air cover for the Canadian vessels while in the Persian Gulf.
The Wednesday Report
twr43v4- Gulf War
THE AGGRESSOR -- SADDAM HUSSEIN - Should Iraqi aggressors 'pick a fight' with our sailors, they'll get an awful 'bloody nose'. If HMCS Athabaskan's crew with their standard equipment, 2 quad-launchers of Sea Sparrow don't do the job first, gunners aboard the three ships will repel or punish attackers with 3"-50, 3"-70, and 5" medium calibre ordnance; .50 calibre machine guns; 40mm L60 Bofors guns; and 20mm gatling guns of four Phalanx CIWSs. Any Iraqi pilot who is stupid enough to think he can penetrate the barrage should be warned about the sharp-eyed, air defence marksmen of the 119th Air Defence Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA) from Chatham N.B. who will be aboard Athabaskan, Terra Nova and Protecteur comprising 15 detachments equipped with the Shorts "Javelin" Mk 1. What they see they'll hit.
The Wednesday Report
twr46v4- Gulf War
SADDAM WINS ROUND ONE - Since August 2 this wily coyote has manipulated the western world like putty in his fingers. Today a procession of `unofficially' sanctioned high-profile public figures makes its way to Baghdad to enter the exploitatious tournament sponsored by the "Butcher of Baghdad" who dangles his prized hostages for each notable who parades through his palace.
The Wednesday Report
twr48v4- Gulf War
EYES ON 10 DOWNING - By the time that these words are read, the U.K. may have a new Prime Minister. If Tuesday's ballot for a new leader for the Conservative Party produces a conclusive result, PM Margaret Thatcher will have taken the short drive to Buckingham Palace where she will have recommended Queen Elizabeth II to confirm the appointment of the victor. Should the poll have failed to produce a clear winner, the end of the Thatcher era will be delayed by a mere forty-eight hours until the outcome of a third vote is known.
The Wednesday Report
twr2v5- Gulf War
Splitting hairs over defensive and offensive roles for Canada's CF-18s
The Wednesday Report
twr3v5- Gulf War
An average of six or seven ships arrive daily in Saudi Arabian ports as part of the American sea lift to support and buttress some 430,000 U.S. military personnel in the Gulf region.
The Wednesday Report
twr4v5- Gulf War
The liberation of Kuwait has begun
The Wednesday Report
twr5v5- Gulf War
The Wednesday Report
twr6v5- Gulf War
THE ENEMY SAYS... In a nutshell, Iraqi antiaircraft guns knock down a cruise missile. Its high explosive warhead blasts a home, a grocery store or a stretch of highway. Then along comes one of Saddam's `cousins' from the Iraqi Department of Information ...
The Wednesday Report
twr7v5- Gulf War
JOINING THE FIGHT - Why aren't our CF-18s loaded with 500 pounders and 2.75-inch CRV-7 rockets and blasting Iraqi military targets in Kuwait? In fact there should be thirty or more additional CF-18s in the Gulf region, and all under General Schwarzkopf's command. If there is any real chance of avoiding massive losses in human lives in a protracted or even a short-duration ground war in Kuwait, it lies in the extensive use of air-deliverable munitions directly to the enemy's military assets. The psychological and strategic benefits have been proven.
The Wednesday Report
twr9v5- Gulf War
Comprehensive Gulf War Chronology
The Wednesday Report
twr10v5- Gulf War
War holds an irresistible fascination for us all. Television has added the magic of instant replay and the punditry of professional analysts.
The Wednesday Report
twr11v5- Gulf War
Seven days after the cessation of hostilities in the Gulf region, U.K. Secretary of State for Defence Tom King provided the first full report on the part played by U.K. forces.
The Wednesday Report
twr12v5- Gulf War
One of the first Canadian sailors to the Persian Gulf was the first to lead his troops back home last week. Captain (N) Duncan Miller, commander of the Canadian task group 302.3 led the first 118 men and women from his command off a Boeing 707, bringing them home from the war. Over 300 family members and friends cheered from the tarmac at CFB Shearwater, Eastern Passage, N.S. as the returning veterans disembarked.

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