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INDEX 1991
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TWRV5-Issue: 1. Gulf War (JAN. 2)
Feature: GULF CRISIS COMPLICATES TRUMP (6) Micheal J. O'Brien (MO'B)
Gulf News In Brief
As The U.S.S.R. Breaks Up, Who Gets The Nuclear Weapons?
MSAT Contract Details
Canadair's RJ Now Fitted With GE Turbofans
Mary Collins And Dan Quayle Visit Gulf Simultaneously
DND's Recent Western Contracts Total More Than $9 Million
CMC Awarded $2 Million U.S. Army Contract

TWRV5-Issue: 2. (JAN. 9) twr2v5- Gulf War
Comment: PRELUDE TO WAR? THE LAST WEEK BEGINS (8) Micheal J. O'Brien
France Plays Games Over Gulf Crisis (MO'B with files from JR)
U.N. Debate Topic Could Impede Iraq's Nuclear Development
U.K. Defers Decision On Nuclear Bomb Replacement
"Don't Worry" Says Soviet As Tanks Near Iran, Syria And Iraq
Maritime Command Juggles For Persian Gulf Crew Rotation
Newfoundland Company Scores Premier Defence Deal
Six Ontario Companies Boosted By Federal Contracts
BAe Grows 146 As RAF Queen's Flight Gets Third "Statesman"
Seven More Hawks For Finnish Air Force
BAe Jetstream Super 31 Tops 1990 Delivery List
Quebec Companies Win DND Contracts Totaling $12.5 Million
Boeing Announces New Suppliers For 777 Jetliner
737 Sets Single-Year Delivery Record In 1990
100th 747-400 Went To Canadian Airlines
Boeing's Second 777 Customer Seeks 25 Aircraft
BAe/McDonnell Douglas Get Navy Contract For New Harrier

TWRV5-Issue: 3. (JAN. 16)twr3v5- Gulf War
Comment: PRUDENT STEPS (12)  Micheal J. O'Brien MO'B
Iraq's Unconventional Weapons: Opening Pandora's Box (MO'B)
Retaliation With The Neutron Bomb? (MO'B)
Bush's Undelivered Letter To Saddam Hussein (George Bush)
Kootenay And Nipigon Being Prepared For Gulf
Preserver/Protecteur Crews Deal With Tragedy & Triumph
HMCS Halifax Handover Date Nears As CPF Project Advances
Gulf Crisis Contributes To Killing OA Diversification
Last Minute "Peace Plans" Discussed By Security Council
Monday: Mulroney And Baker Say Choice Is With Baghdad
CF Units Serving In Persian Gulf Receive Commendations
Gulf Briefs: The PLO And The Gulf Crisis
Arianespace To Launch Two More Satellites
McDonnell Douglas Completes Assembly Of First C-17
Bofors To Be Part Of New Swedish Defence Company
Canadair Cuts Into Asian Market With Challenger
First 1991 Dash 8 Order For De Havilland
Readers Urged To Contact DEA & Attend SUBCON Trade Show
Middle East Report (MK)
Message To CF Personnel in Gulf Region

TWRV5-Issue: 4. (JAN. 23) twr4v5- Gulf War
Comment: BOUND TO FAIR PLAY (8)  Micheal J. O'Brien MO'B
Diplomacy Fails: January 16, 1991
United Nations Security Council Resolution 678
Canadians Comprise Coalition Command Structure
Iraqi Chemical Weapons And The Canadian Antidote, HI-6
Nations Participating In The Liberation Of Kuwait (chart)
Saddam Has Friends In Canada
U.N. Allies' Contributions (Britain, France, Italy, Kuwait)
Canadian Field Hospital Enroute To The Gulf
Canadian Ships Move South In Persian Gulf
CAE Subsidiary Participates In $30 Million Joint Venture
CAE Lands Two Simulator Orders Worth $22 Million
Athabaska Airways Buys Beech 1900C
Royal Ordnance To Acquire Heckler & Koch
London: Questions Of Understanding (JR)

TWRV5-Issue: 5. (JAN. 30) twr5v5- Gulf War
Comment: IF ROUND TWO IS A DRAW... (8)  Micheal J. O'Brien MO'B
Gulf Notes From Halifax
Politics, Peaceniks, Downed Tornados & The Cratering Bomb (JR)
Argentina And Spain Contribute Ships To U.N. Coalition
"Silent Service" Is Heard From In The Gulf
British Aerospace Australia Wins $9.5 Million Navy Contract
Allies Target Iraq's Chemical And Nuclear Facilities (map)
An Egyptian Perspective On The Gulf War
NSA/EH101 Update
Kodon Of Mississauga Gets Aerospace Exclusive
Hewlett-Packard Extends HP 8791 Simulator Family
De Havilland Gets New Marketing And Sales V.P.
Halifax Company Wins $500,000 Polaris Contract From DND
Japanese Airline Gets First CFM56-5-A1-Powered A320
Manx Airlines Confirms Jetstream 31 Order
BAe 146 Simulator Installed At U.S. Training Centre
Antishipping Penguin Missile Gets Two-Contract Boost
MBB Gets B0 105 LS Design Authority As BO 108 Gets Nod
TWR Readers Invited To Order NADIBO Publications
CAL Introduces SAT DATA COM For Aircraft
Emcon Announces Two CITP Certification Milestones

TWRV5-Issue: 6. (FEB. 6) twr6v5- Gulf War
Comment: "THE ENEMY SAYS..." (10)  Micheal J. O'Brien MO'B
HMCS Huron And Restigouche Soon To Be Gulf-Bound
In-Theatre CF Personnel To Get $600 War Pay
Coalition Highlights (Australia, New Zealand)
Two Scandinavian Countries Are Teamed In Gulf Effort
Czechoslovakia Contributes Antichemical Warfare Unit
Bulgaria Makes Two Proposals To Assist U.N. Allies
British Forces In Gulf Get Bigger Punch From New Munitions
The Nuclear, Biological And Chemical War
Iraq-Destined Artillery Intercepted And Headed Elsewhere
New Commander For Land Force Central Area -- Toronto
Maritime Province Gets Bendix Support Facility
Iran, The Planes, Missing Generals And Soviet Reports
Spar Makes New Gains In Mexico With $3M Contract
Update: Canadian Forces Supply System Upgrade
French-Italian Bidder Reveals Plan For De Havilland
De Havilland Gets Second Dash 8 Order From Air Wisconsin

TWRV5-Issue: 7. (FEB. 13) twr7v5- Gulf War
Comment: JOINING THE FIGHT (10)  Micheal J. O'Brien MO'B
Equipping HMCS Huron And Restigouche For The Gulf
Update: Canadian Forces Flying Training Project
Questions Remain After Canadian Navy Divers' Deaths
Zenon Water Purification Units Go To Gulf-Based CF
Israel's Assessment Of The Gulf War
Israelis Say Magic Bomb Damage Number Is 40 Percent
Dealing With Retaliation And Scud Missile Launchers
The Ground Offensive -- Israel's Strategy
First Of The "Nuke The Gook" Faction Goes Public
Politicians And Envoys Aren't Afraid To Fly
War Causes ARMX '91 Postponement
Score One For Ugliness: U.S. Warthog Bags A MiG-29
More Baffling News About Iraqi Planes In Iran
Apache Attack Helicopter Earns Respect In Middle East
Spanish Frigate Maligned Unintentionally
Belgium Contributes Diverse Range Of Assistance
The Netherlands Supplies Ships And Medical Team
Greece Rotates Two Frigates
C-130 Variants Used Extensively In Gulf "Special Operations"
MD Wins $253.9M Contract For Tomahawks, Delivers ACM
Intergraph CAD System Maintains CPF Drawing Sheets
Air Nova Goes New York, New York
Field Aviation Sells First Super King Air 350 In Canada
Canadair RJ Division Appointment
GE T700 Engine Powers Australian Black Hawk Programmes
GE Gets $650 Million Order From KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

TWRV5-Issue: 8. (FEB. 20)
Special Report: BEWARE THE BEAR! (12) MO'B
Iraqi/Soviet Cooperation Seeks To Undermine The Allies
The KGB/Iraqi Conspiracy
The Emerging Soviet Mideast Strategy
London: Strong War Support Continues (JR)
The Gulf Crisis -- Strategic Lessons For Israel (MK)
In The Wake Of A Despot
Reports Of Torture By Persons Detained By Iraqi Troops
Saddam Hussein On Human Rights Violations In Kuwait
"Dervish-91" Marks Humanitarian Convoy's 50th Anniversary
Television Networks Feature ‘Supergun' Documentaries
Iraqi Purchase Of Acrylic Tow Is Not So Innocent
Bell Helicopter Bags Immense 206 Order
Aerospatiale And S.N.P.E. Strike Deal For Tactical Weapons
Boeing Predicts Positive Future For Commercial Aviation
Update: Canadian Patrol Frigate
Update: Huron And Restigouche Soon To Sail For The Gulf
MCDV Acquisition Programme Is On Schedule
The Arcturus LRPA Arrives In Halifax

TWRV5-Issue: 9. (FEB. 27) twr9v5- Gulf War
Warsaw Pact Military Arm Drops Out Of Existence
Saddam's "Scorched Earth" Executed Prior To Retreat  Mike O'Brien
CF-18 ‘Bombers' Helped Force Saddam's Retreat
U.S. Navy Tests Improved Tomahawk Block III
HMCS Huron Departed Sunday For The Persian Gulf
Gorbachev's Presidency In Difficulty Over Gulf War
PMO LLAD Update: Where Are They Now?
GE Aerospace To Build $10 Million Facility In Manitoba
Paramax Gives "1990 Quality Awards" To Six Companies
People: Canadair Appointment To Regional Jet Division
Marconi SATCOM Antenna Certified On Boeing 747 Aircraft
Ross Campbell At Intercon Consultants Has New Partner
Airshow Canada '91 Overview
Boeing Delivers 737 Number 2,000
GATT Will Meet On March 6 To Consider Airbus Subsidies
Doug Belliveau Seeking Firms For Australia's TCCCS
Soviet Brass Highlights Gains From Euro-Arms Cutback

TWRV5-Issue: 10. (MAR. 6) twr10v5- Gulf War
Comment: WITH THE GULF AS PROLOGUE (10) Hon. Jean Jacques Blais
Defence Estimates 1991-92 vs Forecast For 1990-91 (chart)
PM Salutes CF -- Canada To Play "Full Part" Securing Peace
CF Cuts: 409 Squadron Shuts Down And Chinook Gets Dumped
Peacekeeping Is Still Canada's Forté (MO'B)
Joe Clark & DEA Play Important Role In Kuwait/Iraq Conflict  Micheal J. O'Brien (MO'B)
Canadian Naval Forces ‘Attacked' Kuwait In Marine ‘Assault' (PM)
EMB-120 Brasilias Have Flown One Million Hours
Reform Party Defence Policy Is Like Other Parties'. Muddled
Industry Seminar On Marketing & Proposal Preparation
McDonnell Douglas/Bell Helicopter Bid U.S. Army LH Project
British Aerospace ATP Tours Asia-Pacific Region
CAE Electronics To Host Canadair RJ Training Centre
U.S. Navy Soon To Deploy Canadair CL-227 UAV System
People: Lyle Bryson Now President Of AMEC
People: John Giraudy VP Sales For Canadair's RJ

TWRV5-Issue: 11. (MAR. 13) twr11v5- Gulf War
Comment: STRATEGIZING FOR THE 1990s (8) MO'B
Canadian Ships Departed Persian Gulf Yesterday
First Contract: Raytheon To Help Restore Kuwaiti Airports
U.K. Defence Minister Debriefs Gulf Operations (JR)
Menasco Scores Big With Boeing 777 Subcontract
New Name For Canadair's CL-215 Division
First Firing Of TRIGAT Antitank Missile Is A Success
BAe Air Combat Training Range Now Operational
Irish Airline Places $8 Million Order For GE CT7 Engines
NTV Acquisition Programme Nears Implementation Phase
Spar Reports Positive Financial Results For 1990
Prior To Supply GKS Under $2.8 Million Subcontract
MIL/LAV Project Is On Target

TWRV5-Issue: 12. (MAR. 20)TWR12v5- Gulf War
Comment: HEADS UP! (6) MO'B
LSVW Competition Heats Up As PMO Evaluates Bids This Week
The Air Europe Collapse (JR)
Homecoming For Sailors From The Gulf (PM)
Top CPF Man Retires From Senior SJSL Post (PM)
BAe/Thomson/GIAT/Oerlikon Shaping Europe's Missile Biz (JR)
Rohde & Schwarz To Rep Two More EMC Test Lines
Czechoslovakia's LET Receives First CT7 Engines From GE
CAE To Supply RJ Flight Simulator To German Airline
Egyptian Apache Simulator Contract Goes To CAE-Link
C-17 Engine Systems Undergo Extensive Testing
Chinook Retirement Causes Boeing (Arnprior) Layoffs
BAe 146 Simulator Receives FAA Approval
Shorts Joins 601-3A Marketing Team For Asia-Pacific
People: Rohde & Schwarz Appoints Foulger Sales Manager
Heidt Appointed De Havilland President

TWRV5-Issue: 13. (MAR. 27)
The Agenda For The Middle East (Rt. Hon. Douglas Hurd)
Is Your Company Seeking Contracts In Kuwait?
PC Party Conference Says Budget Should Be 3% Of GNP
CLDO Major-General Gordon Reay Looks At Army's Future
Update: HLVW Project Is Back On Track
Mississauga Company Wins $7 Million Sandbag Contract
AIAC/ISTC Seminar To Focus On Canadian Competitiveness
New EUROTEAM Will Provide Advanced ATS
BAe Begins Manufacture On A321 And A330 Programmes
TABA To Become First Dash 8 Operator In South America
Canadair/Learjet Will Expand Service Network
People: Honeywell's David Weind Now President Of GSW
Job Cuts Cast Cloud Over U.K. Industry (JR)
SNC Companies Have New Corporate Identity

TWRV5-Issue: 14. (APR. 3)
Comment: WHAT A WASTE (6) MO'B
Unity Debate Wasteful For Crucial A&D Companies (map)
Political Defence Planning Document Available To Readers
HMCS Huron Sailing To The Persian Gulf
Flying Training Project RFP Issued For June 18 Response
Challenger Awarded Civil Certification By Germany
BAe Announces 4 New Orders At Jetstream 41 Roll-Out
Malaysia Airlines Expands Boeing Fleets
People: Rolls-Royce Industries Canada
TTC Offers Two Seminars In Canada
Housing Problem For Thousands Of Returning Soviet Troops

TWRV5-Issue: 15. (APR. 10)
Britain Sends "Top Gun" To Sell British Aerospace Bid (MO'B)
Submarine Project Still Submerged
Update: The Canadian Patrol Frigate
CAE Expects Gains As Member Of Winning LH "First Team"
CBC CANTASS Story Discredited By CPF Programme Manager
Data Fusion Study Contract Goes To Paramax
De Havilland On The Sale Block
DHC Fills Aerospatiale's ‘Dollar Zone' Deficiency
Purchase Of DHC Goes Ahead Says ACI President
Three Canadian Companies Win U.S. Contracts Under DPSA
Saint John Naval Systems Wins $10.5 Million CPF Contract
New Brazilian Airline Will Operate BAe 146s
Anik-E Satellite Launched By Arianespace
Canadair CL-215T Receives Firefighting Certification
Swedish Ordnance Gets Organized
People: Indal's Bob Marcille Retires
ATS Aerospace Opens New Head Office

TWRV5-Issue: 16. (APR. 17)
Flying Training Project: Northwest Industries Is Prime Contractor For CAE Bid
Canadair RJ Roll-Out Ceremony Scheduled For May 6
Embraer Revises EMB-145 Configuration
Second Vector Prototype Makes Maiden Flight
BAe Subsidiary Changes Name And Forms New Division
$40 Million Spanish F-5 Contract Goes To Bristol
Soviet Defence Factories Convert To Civilian Production
AIAC/ISTC Sign Planning And Policy MoU
B.C. Consortium Awarded $1.7 Million For North Warning
Readers Invited To Book Signing Party
People: Oz Eichberger Moves From Garrett To Lockheed
Anachemia Gets U.S. Army Order Worth $1.7 Million
Canada's EW Strength Surges As Lockheed Swallows MEL
ARMX 1991 Uncertain
Donlee Wins $2.2 Million U.S. Army Contract
CMC Awarded $7.1 Million Fax Switching Contract
Canadian Seamen To Commemorate War Ops In U.S.S.R.
TWR Subscribers, Put A Smile In Your Day
Dowty U.K., Hit By Order Downturn, Sheds Jobs (JR)
Royal Ordnance To Demo 105mm Gun For Leopard Upgrade (JR)

TWRV5-Issue: 17. (APR. 24)
April 21 Cabinet Shuffle Impacts A&D Community
Hon. Marcel Masse, Minister Of National Defence
Hon. Michael Wilson, ISTC & International Trade Minister
Farewell To A Nice Guy (McKnight) With A Tough Job
Submarines To Go An Extra Mile (PM)
DND's Naval Overhaul Projects Take To The Courts (MO'B)
TRUMP Background
Westinghouse AN/SQS-505 Aboard HMCS Halifax
NSA Project's Outlook Goes From Black To Grey (Staff)
Navy Reading Material Catches Ire Of Feminists (PM)
Mil-Quip Acquires LHotellier Canada Industries
U.K. Close To Tank Decision? (JR)
More Accolades For McDonnell Douglas Apache
MD Positions Company After Loss Of LH Contract
People: Lockheed's First Changes Since MEL Merger
Prior Wins DND Contracts Worth $2.2 Million
Permanent Exhibition Hall For Airshow Canada
HP And Ingram Sign Distributor Agreement
First Book On Gerald Bull Available May 1
Canadian Tank Crew Test New Gun
Bristol Receives NASA Contract For Black Brant Hardware

TWRV5-Issue: 18. (MAY 1)
Comment: THE ‘BAD BOY' (8) MO'B
Litton's TRUMP Suit Gets Major Boost
Defence Policy: Living The Lie (MO'B)
Halifax Reacts To Torpedo Headed For Policy Waterline (PM)
Margaree Returns From Last Major Tour Before Pay-Out (PM)
Indal Wins Major Australian Naval Contract
CFSSU Project Update: RFP On The Street
Predictions On N.A./Europe Space Group Come True
On May 8, 1945, Lest We Forget... (Novosti)
Hughes To Supply TEMPEST Version Of New HP Workstation
Rolls-Royce Will Exhibit Wide Range Of Turbofans At PAS'91
Spanish Airline Orders Four BAe 146s
IMP Averts Technicians Strike
Spar's Canadarm To Play Active Role In Shuttle Mission
People: Lt.-Colonel Terry Doyle To Join Iotek
Readers Invited: Electromagnetic Capability Seminars
Readers Invited: Book Signing Party Today

TWRV5-Issue: 19. (MAY 8)
Comment: "BAD BOY" -- AUTHOR, AUTHOR (8) MO'B
Vice-Admiral Thomas Favours Base Cuts (PM)
Our ‘Truth Police' Case Rests On The Evidence
Maritime Politician Fears Air Group May Be Hit Again
DND Military Personnel -- Numbers And Pay Scale (chart)
Field Hospital Returns From Saudi Arabia With War Souvenir
"Policy & The Ruler Of The Queen's Navy": Just The Fax Ma'am
Years Of Random Cutting May Have Left The CF Top Heavy
Navy Goes Down Deep For Cocaine Shipment
U.K. Ministry Of Defence Under Pressure (JR)
Vice-Admiral Thomas Leads A Parade Of Changes
Year-End Results: Bombardier Inc.
First Quarter Results: McDonnell Douglas
First Quarter Report: LH And ATF Brighten Boeing Prospects
People: Canadian Forces Postings, Canada East To West
RJ Roll-Out Begins Exciting Future For Canadair
Canadair Wins First R&D Space Contract
Black Brant Rocket #500 Is Launched
THA-Monenco Awarded $9 Million Contract
Japanese Defence Minister Meets Masse, Cheney

TWRV5-Issue: 20. (MAY 15)
HMCS Ville De Quebec To Be Christened Tomorrow
Waiting And Waiting For The Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel
Wappel Slams Valcourt Over Al-Mashat Case
Former CFB Portage CFI Says, "Hire Ex-Military QFIs." (MO'B)
Canadair RJ Makes Maiden Flight
Commercial Replacements For Military Service Flights
Marcel Lacks Masse Appeal With Navy (PM)
Ontario ‘Pink Palace' Scrubs Defence From Trade Ministry
FIP Will Host CTV's Dian Cohen At Spring Meeting
Soviet Chief Of The General Staff Visits Canada
CAL Furnace Plays Major Role In Microgravity Tests
Canada's Aerospace Industry Prepares For Paris Air Show
Western Firm Wins $4.5 Million INTELSAT Contract
Reading The Mail: Our Readers React
CT7 Turboprop Nearing Three Million Flight Hours

TWRV5-Issue: 21. (MAY 22)
HF's Hopes Dashed As Masse Cancels NTV
NDHQ Cuts Staff As DND Faces Acquisition "Adjustments"
Soviet Warships To Visit Canada
Dominis Engineering Wins French Contract
GE Canada Completes Engine Deliveries For CPF
CAL Wins $7.4 Million Space-Based Radar Contract
Spar Reports First Quarter Results
Challenger To Fly With First Korean Business Jet Operator
Canadair RJ Completes Three More Flights
CAD/CAM Leader Bags Major U.S. Navy Contract
MD Shifts From ATF To A-X Programme
First Submarine Launch Of Block III Tomahawk
$1.1 Million Navy Contract For BAe Australia
BASE Wins Message Handling Equipment Order
Aerospatiale Delivers Two Helicopters To O.P.P.
Canadair RJ Programme Features Top Aerospace Suppliers
Input (Elaine Tigges, CDC & Captain (ret'd) Peter Cayley)

TWRV5-Issue: 22. (MAY 29)
Project Update: CDC And DSS Sign TCCCS Contract
Not Everyone Supports ‘Defence Cuts'
Profile: Array Systems Computing Inc.
CDS Visiting Four European Nations
Options For Change In RAF Germany
OA's ADATS Completes First Canadian Firing Missions
Prior Software To Be Part Of U.S. Navy Security System
New Exhibitors Join Airshow Canada '91
Boeing And Japan Sign Final 777 Pact
Visual System Contract Goes To CAE's German Division
CAE Wins $9 Million Japanese Simulator Contract
Raytheon/BAe To Propose "Iraqi Scud Destroyer" To U.K.
BAe In German Joint Venture
Canada At The 39th Paris Air Show
Production Of Mark 2 Missiles For Rapier 2000 Begins

TWRV5-Issue: 23. (JUNE 5)
Guest Comment: OUTSIDE LOOKING IN (6) William R. Stewart
IMP To View Competitor's Books
De Havilland Future Lies With Investment Canada
HMCS Huron Battles Low Viz And High Pollution In Gulf
U.K.'s Royal Marines And The NATO Rapid Reaction Force
Dowty U.K. Boardroom Shake-Up
BAe Joins Motorola And Lockheed On IRIDIUM Project
PC Party AGM To Get Strong Message On National Defence
N.S. Courts To Deal With Sole Gulf War ‘Terrorist'
$36 Million Spar Contract For Chinese Satellite Network
Garrett And Thermion To Develop Anti-Ice System
People: Bill Coyle Has Been Promoted Again
Canadair Increases Challenger's Latin American Profile
Rohde & Schwarz Offers Products From Dallas Firm
McDonnell Douglas "Sky Owl" Completes First Flight Demo
Italian Airline Receives First BAe 146
TWR Goes From 27 To 15221

TWRV5-Issue: 24. (JUNE 12)
Submarine Documents Slip Beneath The Waves (PM)
HMCS Huron Will Soon Be Homeward-Bound
TRUMP Update: Algonquin Sails Into Final Phase (PM)
Canadian Navy In NATO's Ocean Safari '91 (PM)
Keel-Laying Ceremony For HMCS Calgary On June 15
CANAC/Microtel Awarded $1.9 Million NWS Contract
NSA/EH101 Update
U.K. Army Braces Itself For Deep Cuts (JR)
U.K. Will Announce MBT Choice This Month (JR)
FP/TWR Defence Conference To Be Held October 24
Investigative Commission Applauds Abrams In Gulf War
Gulf War Assures Block III Tomahawk To Fly Into Summer
Rapier 2000 Completes Dual Firing Test
Reflectone Wins $2.5 Million U.S.A.F. Contract
KGB General Says CIA Has It Easy Spying Inside U.S.S.R. (Vladimir Ostrovsky)
Kerbel Communications To Join SIS Group At PAS'91
New Name For CAL's European Subsidiary
CAL Acquires Telemus Assets
Profile: Diemaco Inc.
F-117A To Make Special Appearance At Airshow Canada

TWRV5-Issue: 25. (JUNE 19)
CF Flying Training Project: A First Glance At The Bids
CF To Remain In Europe
Algonquin Successfully Completes First Sea Trials
Submarines Tied Up In Drydock With Valve Problems (PM)
Naval Reserves Lead Convoy At End Of "Ocean Safari '91" (PM)
Liberal Defence Critic Prepares For Defence Debate (DG)
CPF Update: Halifax Stalled While Legal Eagles Fly (PM)
CDC/MPR/SKL Team Will Bid For ARDS-ADM Contract
Gulf And Korea Veterans To Be Decorated
CAE Improves MAD With New Digital Technology
CIIPS Sponsors Arms Control Seminar
McDonnell Douglas Wins Danish Contract For Harpoon
Boeing Announces Orders From Four Customers At PAS'91
CAE Makes First Sale To Japan Air Lines
Euralair Orders First Long-Range Boeing 777s

TWRV5-Issue: 26. (JUNE 26)
CIIPS Hosts Peacekeeping Conference
Comment: The Pending Defence Debate (DG)
CF-5 Upgraded By Bristol Completes First Flight
Feature: U.K. Selects Challenger (JR)
Charges Laid In Preserver Accident At HDIL (PM)
"Shearwater Is Safe!" Says Daring, Plugged-In Sea King Pilot (PM)
Spar Making Business Headway In Space
Boeing Selects CAE For Three B777 Simulators
People On The Move At MBB Canada
Exotemp Wins Contracts Worth $3.2 Million
B.C. Consortium Wins Another NWS Contract
Canadair Announces New Orders At Paris Air Show
Garrett Wins More B-777 Work
Atlantis Awarded $1.3 Million Contract From Boeing Canada
Prior Targets International Market With "InterMAPhics"
Spar Aerospace Established In The U.K.
Devtek Aerospace To Open Office In France

TWRV5-Issue: 27. (JULY 3)
MARCOM Silent About Secret Underwater Warfare Tests (PM)
Fighting Women (DG)
U.S. Coast Guard Takes To The Top Of The World (PM)
Profile: G.M. Associates Is In A Growth Mode
MiG-31 To Make North American Debut At Airshow Canada
Naval Reserve Boost In Quebec -- A Step Forward On MCDV?
CF Divers Find No Coke, Just Empty Bottles, On Drug Ship (PM)
MSAT 1 Will Be Launched By Arianespace
DND Appoints Commander For U.N. Mission In Africa
CMC Wins CF Calibration Contract
British-Soviet Study Of "Interim HOTOL" Completed
CMIA Calls For CSOE'92 Papers
Embraer Developing "Tucano H"
Challenger 2 Features CDC's Fire Control System
Delta Chooses CAE Again For Flight Training Device

TWRV5-Issue: 28. (JULY 10)
U.K. Defence Plans (JR)
Navy Opens Missile Pit Stop In Nova Scotia (PM)
Dartmouth Firm Will Do Undercover Work For The Army (PM)
IMP President Wins Hearts And Minds Of Workers In Amherst (PM)
Cornwallis Fights For Its Life In Face Of Cuts (PM)
Update: DND's Military Truck Programmes
P 120L Helicopter Moves Into Development Phase
Swiss Select MD's F/A-18 For NFA Programme
Hermes Wins $2.5 Million U.S. Navy Contract
France Confirms Canadair CL-215T Order
DND Completes HINS Flight Test Programme With MBB's BK 117
GE's CF6-80C2 FADEC Engine Gets 180-Minute ETOPS
New President For British Aerospace Japan
Swiss Company Orders BAe ATC Tower Simulator
Indonesian Company Signs Agreement With BAe
Light Launch Vehicle Service Planned For Australia
Input (M.J. Rau, GM Diesel Division)

TWRV5-Issue: 29. (JULY 17)
Space-Based Surveillance New Frontier For Industry (MO'B)
BAe's Shifting Electronics Share Holdings
Fourth Country Signs NH 90 Development MoU
U.S. Navy Gets Tomahawk #1000
France Prepares For Army Exhibition
Spar Scores With $230 Million RADARSAT Contract
Profile: Tornado Cuts Hit Walbar Forcing Diversification
People: Rolls-Royce (Canada) Makes Five Appointments
$7 Million Australian Contract Awarded To Atlantis

TWRV5-Issue: 30. (JULY 24)
An Odious Myth Has Become A Meaner Reality (MO'B)
Canada Commits Troops To U.N. Ops In Western Sahara
COM DEV Scientist Gets "Boots" For Work On INMARSAT 3
Canadair RJ Flies To Wichita
McDonnell Douglas/LTV Will Bid For A-X Contract
Alberta Aerospace Association Plans Its Growth
New CAE-Link President Is Named
Airshow Canada Update
TTC Announces Three Ottawa Seminars
TWR Goes From 27 To 15221 Yonge Street
MIL Davie To "Break Even" On CPF And TRUMP Projects
Tribal Overhaul Project Gets A Much-Needed Overhaul
People: DSS Bids Farewell To Donovan Arnaud

TWRV5-Issue: 31. (JULY 31)
British Army Reshapes For New Role (JR)
Profile: Patlon Aircraft & Industries Limited (DG)
Héroux Wins $12.9 Million U.S.A.F. Contract
U.K.'s EH101 Contract: Westland Waits As MHM Maneuvers (JR)
Media Reports On Promavia Are "A Little Premature"
ARMX Postponed Indefinitely
MCDV Update: CSE And Fenco Agree To Bid Extensions
CIIPS Hosts Seminar: War And The Media
BAe's Reflectone Receives F-4 Training Contract
Indonesian Airline Orders Five BAe ATPs
Aerospace Industry Association "Surprised" (MO'B)

TWRV5-Issue: 32. (AUG. 7)
Slingsby Firefly: "We've Got A Mature And Capable Trainer" (JR)
A Spicey ‘Commission' On Defence Heads Across Canada (DG)
Citizens' Inquiry Into Peace And Security: Schedule And Contacts
CFSSU Update: The Bids Are In
Merlin Decision Due Before The End Of September (JR)
CAL Subsidiary Wins $1 Million Contract For SAR System
$6.5 Million Plant Expansion For Standard Aero
Turkish Airline Chooses BAe ATP
BASE And Bofors To Collaborate On Gunsights
SIAI Marchetti F260F: NWI's Choice For CF Primary Trainer
BAe And SENASA To Establish New Flying College In Spain
McDonnell Douglas Appoints President/C.O.O.
New HP 66000A System Reduces Rack Space

TWRV5-Issue: 33. (AUG. 14)
New SNC Subsidiary Purchases Lavalin's Engineering Assets
"Canada's Defence Force 2000" Overruled
DY 4 Scores Computer Contract For Australian Subs
CF Participate In Ethiopian Airlift
GE Announces Engine For NSA But "It's Not A Done Deal"
Second Canadair RJ Makes Maiden Flight
Spar Reports Results For First Six Months Of '91
Lockheed Awarded $12 Million CPF Contract
CF Flying Training Project: Bidders Boast At B.C. Airshow
Airshow Canada '91 Briefs (Phil Melnychuk)
B.C. Firm Buys First New Aerospatiale ‘Squirrel'
GE Receives FAA Certification For RJ Engine

TWRV5-Issue: 34. (AUG. 21)
Comment: THE ‘OLD DOGS' (6) MO'B
CMC Wins $6.7 Million Energy Contract
U.K. Defence Cuts Criticized (JR)
Project Update: LSVW Contract To Be Awarded Soon
HLVW Subcontractor Goes Into Receivership
Project Update: ARDS-ADM RFP To Be Released This Week
Canada Active In NATO Insensitive Munitions Project
Hughes Chairman Goes "Back To The Future"
Report On Biological & Chemical Defence Is Now Available
Embraer Secures $407 Million Loan
Major INTELSAT Contract Awarded To COM DEV
Challenger Update
BAe And Sema Group Join Forces

TWRV5-Issue: 35. (AUG. 28)
Sorting Out The Deceptions (MO'B)
To Minimize Our Anxieties... (MO'B)
Canada Is Leader In Establishing Relations With Baltics
RADARSAT User Education Programme To Be Designed
Mid-September RFP For MSAT Ground Segments
Aerospace Plane Testing Begins On X-30 Fuselage/Tank
Promavia Project Will Proceed In Saskatchewan
U.K. Order From Boeing Could Be Worth $6.85 Billion
Japanese Defence Agency Buys SAR Fleet
F/A-18s To Receive New Radar
More Powerful F/A-18 Engine Is Put To The Test
EDS To Acquire MD Systems Integration Company
CF Flying Training Contract Still Expected This Fall
Project Update: MCDV Decision At Cabinet Level
Project Update: ARDS-ADM RFP Is On The Street
CAL Builds Auroral Camera For Swedish Satellite

TWRV5-Issue: 36. (SEPT. 4)
Bell Helicopter Textron To Roll-Out Its Model 230 Next Week
British Airways Orders More P&W Canada-Powered BAe ATPs
RJ's Competitor, BAe's Regional Jet Touring North America
Westland/IBM Team Wins U.K. EH101 Contract
Airshow Canada Acclaims Unqualified Success
Ottawa ‘Bribery & Kickback' Case In Ontario AG's Hands
Shaposhnikov Kept Air Armies Grounded In Coup Attempt (Novosti)
August 19: The Day The Global Heart Skipped A Beat (MO'B)
DND Appoints Colonel Commandant
CF Flying Training Bidders Have Big Plans For Portage

TWRV5-Issue: 37. (SEPT. 11)
U.K. EH101: Whilst Westland Waited, Rival Got It Wrong (JR)
First Order For GE90 Engine
CMC Awarded $5 Million U.S. Contract
Project Update: CPF Halifax Visits The U.S.
MCDV Project Update: CSE And Fenco Teams Intact
Soviet KGB Promises To End Widespread Public Surveillance
Project Update: NSA PMO Gears Up After U.K. Announcement
Spar Introduces VSATPlus System
Iotek Wins Australian Naval Contract

TWRV5-Issue: 38. (SEPT. 18)
Comment: COCOONING (6) MO'B
The New-Era Canadian Armed Forces (chart)
Maritime Command Over The Next 15 Years (chart)
Mobile Command's Future Capital Funding Will Pay For: (chart)
Air Command's Future Capital Funding Will Pay For: (chart)
Mystery Surrounds Death Of Canadian Navy Divers (PM)
CFTS Project Update: The Official Word Is "Bids Evaluated"
DND To Test-Fire ADATS At Suffield This Week
ADATS Achieved 76 Hrs. MTBF -- U.S. DoD Target Was 30 Hrs.
Garrett Improves Designs With "Concurrent Engineering"
Spar's ATSG Is Moving To One Location
Official Opening Of New Dowty Plant Next Wednesday
Litton's (Ingalls Div.) 14th Aegis Cruiser Joins U.S. Navy Fleet
Canadarm Launches Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite
Ontario Company Wins $9 Million U.S. Army Contract
Bradley Air Services Gets $1.8 Million Contract Addition
CAE Hosts Open House
Canadair Expands Surveillance Systems Division Into U.S.
KC-10 ATS Contract Goes To CAE-Link
1991 Canadian Business Excellence Awards

TWRV5-Issue: 39. (SEPT. 25)
Defence Plan Paves The Way For LSVW, NRMP & NSA Projects
Canadair Team Wins CFTS Contract
Prior To Open Halifax Facility On October 1
People: Airshow Canada Board Elects New Chairman
People: DND Announces ADM Appointment
Project Update: CPF Halifax Completes Successful U.S. Visit
CAL Corp. Sells New Mag-Mount Satellite Antenna

TWRV5-Issue: 40. (OCT. 2)
The Submarine Figures Prominently In Future Navies
The ‘Hybrid' Diesel/AIP Option
BAe After The Boardroom Coup (JR)
C-17 Airlifter Completes First Three Flights
BAe Jetstream 41 Makes Maiden Flight
Canadair Gears Up For Military Flight Training
ATS Aerospace Wins U.S. Software Contract
Standard Aero Awarded $10 Million U.S.A.F. Contract
Readers Invited To Celebrate NATO College Anniversary
CAE-Link Gets $24.8 Million "First Team" Contract
Indal Wins U.S. Naval Contract
MD's Block 1D Harpoon Makes First Test Flight

TWRV5-Issue: 41. (OCT. 9)
Amherst Aerospace Back From The Dead (PM)
Aerospatiale Canada Still Active Despite EEC Decision
Thomson-CSF Inc. Gets Swiss Simulator Order
KLM Orders MD-11 Simulator From CAE
$41.9 Million Approved For CFB Petawawa
CMC Wins $3.5 Million Contract From Northrop
BAe Teams With U.S. Company On ‘Merlin'
Airbus Wing Centre Is Opened In The U.K.
MD NOTAR Helicopter Comes To Kleinburg, Ontario
MBB Canada To Participate In BO 108 Programme
AIAC Board Members Elected For 1991-1992 At Last Week's AGM
Project Manager Explains MCDV Bid Evaluation Process
Proof-Of-Concept Tucano H Makes First Flight
MCDV Award Lands Big Bucks, Jobs For Struggling HDIL (PM)
CSE To Negotiate HMCS Protecteur Refit

TWRV5-Issue: 42. (OCT. 16)
National Media Stirs CF Homosexual Issue
U.K. Glad CF Stays But More "Would Have Been Nicer"
C-17 Continues Successful Flight Testing
October Is Canada International Trade Month
Int'l Space University Names First President
Canada Export Award Goes To COM DEV
DND's Small Contracts Awarded Across The Country
HP Introduces VXI Oscilloscope Module
No Tail For MD 520N Drivers
Pilot Report: Flying The NOTAR 520N (MO'B)
Canadian Space Agency Joins IAF
Input (Ramsey Withers, Ottawa)

TWRV5-Issue: 43. (OCT. 23)
Canada To Play A Role On MBB's BO 108 Programme
Bell Helicopter And P&WC Win Canada Export Awards
MBB In Ontario Soon To Be "Eurocopter" Engineering Centre
MD Studying MDX's Military Potential
Bendix Active In Air Traffic Control And Military R&O
Boeing Delivers 1000th New-Generation 737
Project Update: Transport Canada's RAMP
Comair Becomes N.A. RJ Launch Customer
U.S. Army Proposes Apache Modernization Plan
Plan For Soviet Weapons In Wrong Hands Says U.K. Minister
NATCO Buys A340 Simulator From Thomson-CSF
Arianespace To Launch Two Mexican Satellites
B.C. Firm Bags $2.3 Million Contract
Swedish Company To Build MCMVs For Singapore
U.S. Airline Orders BAe Jetstream 41s
HMCS Regina Scheduled For Night Launch On Friday
HDIL Fined $6,000 In Death Of Shipyard Worker (PM)
Alleged Terrorist Skips Court Date In N.S. (PM)
France Signs CL-415 Contract

TWRV5-Issue: 44. (OCT. 30)
Wednesday Reflections: CONGRATS TO THE PM (6) MO'B
CISS To Examine Security In Constitutional Context
DND Appoints Colonel Commandant
No Pay Increases For Senior Officers In FY '91-'92
NSA Project Update: Last Chance For Paramax & EHIL
CAE-Link Wins Third Gov't Training Contract
JAL Places $2 Billion Order For Boeing 777s
Speaking Collectively For A Stronger Voice
The Primary Aerospace And Defence Associations In Canada
Anglo-French Team To Supply Weapons Trainer To France
BAe 1000 Receives British Type Certification
U.S. Navy Successfully Launches Improved SLAM
Boeing 737s To Get New Flight Management Computer
Western Star Trucks Wins LSVW Competition
German Airline Receives A310 Simulator From CAE

TWRV5-Issue: 45. (NOV. 6)
LSVW Bids Evaluated In Six Areas
Xerox To Become Corporate RJ Launch Customer
Company Profile: Winning Big With Campbell-Jacobsen's IMPS
Gov't Says "Yes" To Allied Nuclear Vessels In Our Waters
More Ethiopian Relief Flights For Canadian Hercs
Major U.S. Chemical Co. Acquires Position In Zenon
Rolls-Royce (Canada) To Get New Cleaning System
Thailand Orders BAe Jetstream Super 31
First Flight Of Airbus A340
Canadair Proposes New Widebody Jet At NBAA '91
Boeing To Offer Compact Disk Technology
CF700-Powered Aircraft To Receive Hush Kits
CFE738 Engine Development Update
Two Companies Join Challenger Service Network

TWRV5-Issue: 46. (NOV. 13)
Mulroney Gov't Introduces Prosperity Initiative
Bringing Scientists Into The Political Arena (MO'B)
Some Of NRC's Technologies Get Lost Within The Bureaucracy
Some NRC Technologies Surface At The Right Time: The Gulf War
MBB Canada Receives Aircraft Maintenance Award
Ontario Company Wins Space Agency Contract
First Launch Of Hughes' Improved AMRAAM
DND Awards Numerous Small Contracts In Ontario
More DND Contracts... For Quebec Companies
Hellenic Navy To Train On CAE-Link Simulator
Apple Canada Becomes Group 1 Supplier
Could There Be A Canadian In The Secretary General Race?
HLVWs Almost Done As Bombardier Negotiates For UTDC
Kodon Reports That Kelsey Won Test Equipment Orders
McDonnell Douglas Gets $14.7M Tomahawk Contract

TWRV5-Issue: 47. (NOV. 20)
Comment: KID's STUFF (6) FH
McDonnell Douglas Seeks Financial Relief In Taiwan
East European States "Might" Join NATO
U.S. Defence Secretary Warns Of Security Hotspots
Gorbachev Warns Of Internal Soviet Violence
More CF Units To Get Commendation For Gulf War
Intergraph Announces 1991 Federal Forum
Defence Attachés Tour A&D Companies In Montreal
Two Canadian Companies To Form Software Alliance
Hermes Sells Sonobuoys To U.S. Navy
CMC To Supply Test Equipment To U.S. Army
Litton Gains As Parent Bags $20.1 Million More For AN/WSN-5s
CFB Portage ILS/VOR Bids For Southport Due This Week
INMARSAT Approves CAL's SATCOM Antenna
Boeing To Lower 737 And Increase 757 Production
BAe 1000 Granted U.S. Type Certification
Two Quebec Companies Win DND Small Contracts
CDC Gets $1.6 Million U.S. Army Contract
Iraqi Nuclear Weapons Programme Diminished By U.N.
Nuclear Weapons Hotspots

TWRV5-Issue: 48. (NOV. 27)
Soviet Republics Fail To Reach Unity Consensus
McDougall Urges U.N.: Address New Types Of Security Threats
Canadian Embassy In Port-Au-Prince Occupied By Terrorists
Financially Troubled U.N. To Set Up Peacekeeping Reserve Fund
START Sent To U.S. Senate As Soviet And U.S. Delegations Meet
Rohde & Schwarz Takes On LogiMetrics' Products
Arianespace To Launch First U.S. DirecTV Satellite
Space Shuttle On Military Mission
CFTS Update: Contract Negotiations Complete
Boeing Delivers Last 747-200
Australian Inshore Minehunter Gets Thomson's IBIS V
"High Speed Dauphin" Beats Two World Records
U.S. Air & Trade Show Slated For June
Airlines Of Britain Expands With More BAe Turboprops
CF Humanitarian Airlift To Yugoslavia
Paramax Approved To AQAP-1 & AQAP-13 Standards

TWRV5-Issue: 49. (DEC. 4)
Comment: CROSSROADS FOR LABOUR (6) Prof. Michael Porter
Input: NRC Responds To TWR's IRAP Series (Dr. Clifford Baronet)
Canada Seeks Nuclear Weapons Assurances From Ukraine
Are Mikhail Gorbachev's Days Numbered?
Nuclear Civil War A Real Concern
Two CIIPS Security Papers Now Available
Russian Minister: "Canada Important As NATO Member"
U.S. Soldier Gets 34 Years For Selling Desert-Storm Secrets
COM DEV Selects New Brunswick For Expansion Site
Bristol Wins F-5 Contracts
DND Forms Committee On Social Change
CFSSU Update: Bid Evaluation Continues
Ontario Companies Awarded U.S.A.F. Contracts
Update: Bombardier's De Havilland & UTDC Negotiations

TWRV5-Issue: 50. (DEC. 11)
U.N. Approves New International Arms Registry
Canada Alone In Acknowledging Ukraine's Independence
Members Debate Security In Europe And Expanded NATO Role
Agreement Of The "Commonwealth Of Independent States"
CPF Communications Update: Spared Scrutiny?
TWR Picks '91 Ad: "The Proper Way To Address An Apache"
More Layoffs And Possible Sale Of Part Of MD Helicopter Co.
EC Study Attacks North American Aerospace Subsidies
Made-In-Canada Piper Super Cubs?
No French-English Tension In Fleet, Says Admiral (PM)
UTDC Goes To Bombardier But What About HLVWs?
Reserve Honorary Cols & Lt-Cols Hold General Meeting
People: Rohde & Schwarz Appoints Quebec Sales Specialist
IRAP Advisory Board Suddenly Disbanded By NRC Hierarchy
Canadair Unveils First Custom RJ
Input (Shibly Abela, former Director General of IRAP)

TWRV5-Issue: 51. (DEC. 18)
Comment: THE END OF A YEAR (6) MO'B
NDP Science Critic Talks About NRC/IRAP Hearings
Spar Awarded Contract For F/A-18 Flight Recorders
$27M Submarine Trainer Contract Goes To CAE-Link
U.S. Airline Orders 20 BAe RJ70s
NSA Update: Prelude To A Busy January
Agreement In Principle Signed For UTDC Sale
U.S. Aviation Giant Signs Agreement With Soviet Institute
The 1992 Manning Awards: Cash Prizes For Innovation

TWRV5-Issue: 52. (DEC. 25) INDEX 1991 (8 )

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