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Volume 18, Number 18, April 28, 2004

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Update Al Qaeda Europe

England, intel sources believe, will follow Spain and Paris in Al Qaeda's efforts to destabilize the West. It is now more widely accepted that Al Qaeda has a vindictive side that sways its anti-Zionist aims whenever it's leadership is so inclined. That leadership is comprised of a board of advisors (Majlis al Shura) who collectively publish, using a variety of means, a doctrinal, almost evangelical creed for the world-wide collection of small-band sympathizers to follow. In it, every thing of Islam is "blessed" and everything of the West is either "evil" or "Zionist" which are used interchangeably.

Typical Al Qaeda missive closing remarks: "we seek the help of Allah, the Almighty, against His enemies, and we ask Him to use us and grant us and our Ummah success in our jihad."

France has banned Islamic head gear in its schools and England plays a significantly aggressive role in the "Global War on Terrorism". Al Qaeda seeks to sway public opinion in these nations with the help of intense publicity from Al Jazeera TV and CNN as was the case in Spain.

"...work in small groups, and avoid by all means working in large groups", directs Saif al-Adel

Another growing issue since the "Global War on Terrorism" began is the radicalization of Europe's Muslim population. Just the last year witnessed the first suicide bombing in Israel carried out by Muslims who were British citizens. The incident was unique but it bespoke a deeper reality. As polling demonstrates, a growing and dangerous alienation of young, European-born Muslims has taken root, and, as the French scholar Olivier Roy has observed, this cohort increasingly embraces an alternative, pan-Islamic identity that is often radical and occasionally violent. This could emerge as a considerable security challenge for Europe and the West in general. 

Foreign Affairs Canada Employee Arrested

One person, Mohammed Momin Khawaja, was been detained Monday and remanded yesterday into custody by an Ottawa Court which also imposed a publication ban. 

The nature of recently-defined 'terrorism' criminality introduced by Parliament's December 2001 Anti-Terrorism Act is such that the 'Crown in the Right of Canada' (U.S. equivalence would be Federal Prosecutor) shall proceed with indictment (types in order of seriousness are: summary, hybrid and indictment) for which there is no time limitation on when a charge can be laid following a criminal act or the discovery thereof. Upon conviction of one of these offences, a sentence of up to fifteen years imprisonment can apply.

The arrest information provided by the RCMP sets out offences defined in the Criminal Code of Canada section 83.01(1) contrary to section 83.18. Khawaja is the first person to be arrested under these new sections.

Timing and location of the alleged offences is "on or between November 10, 2003 and March 29, 2004", at or near Ottawa and  London, England.

The RCMP say Khawaja, "...did knowingly participate in or contribute to, directly or indirectly, an activity of a terrorist group, for the purpose of enhancing the ability of a terrorist group to facilitate or carry out a terrorist activity..."

The second allegation says he, "...did knowingly facilitate a terrorist activity..."

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