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Volume 18, Number 18, April 28, 2004

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Afghanistan Al Qaeda Update

Both Taliban and al Qaeda fighters are showing increasing signs of activity, and, with the ambit of Hamid Karzai's government essentially restricted to Kabul, the possibility of another round of warlord power distribution is growing. In the Afghanistan past terrorists have found safe haven in the territory of these regional strongmen. This could happen again giving the terrorists a greater level of security as they plot and train. Additionally, some experts see the geographic base of Islamic Fundamentalist terror shifting to the Caucasus, where camps are said to have been established. Russian and other forces may be able to destroy these camps, but without a comprehensive settlement in Chechnya and the broader region, terrorists will move from camp to camp and remain a problem.

Saif al-Adel is among the FBI's most wanted criminals. He has been issuing a series of writings through the internet in Arabic attempting to motivate and recruit Islamic fundamentalists.

"The United States Rewards For Justice Program, United States Department of State, is offering a reward of up to $25 million for information leading directly to the apprehension or conviction of Saif Al-Adel", say FBI publicists.

Saif al-Adel, Al Qaeda, born in the late 50s to early 60sAbout Afghanistan Saif al-Adel writes, "If we look at the current situation in the second year of war, the desired security [by the coalition] has never been achieved. Additionally, they did not capture the leader of the Taliban or Al Qaeda. And we did not see any political agenda  for the groups of thieves in Kabul. The Afghanistan cities which were united and in which security was spread during the time of the Taliban, today no longer exist. All the efforts the American enemy exerted confirm their bad intentions to establish a double agent leadership and divide the country and steal its wealth. Therefore, America cannot change the Afghanistan view about it. Currently, the imposed government in Kabul does not control anything but the palace it lives in, and the coalition forces now are creating excuses to leave Afghanistan. But the mujahideen [ Al Qaeda ] are still in the battlefield, and the fight continues and will not end, God willing, until Afghanistan returns to Shari`a [Islamic law] and Islam once more."

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