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Volume 18, Number 18, April 28, 2004

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Terror Mob Leaders Wanted For Murder in Falluja

Wanted for Murder in FallujaToday, news watchers around the world will be horrified by images of four Americans killed and burned or burned alive and dragged through the streets of Sunni enclave Falluja, Iraq. After dragging the burnt and mutilated bodies through the downtown streets the insurgents hung the charred corpses from a bridge over the Euphrates River while some onlookers cheered and danced about in laughter and jubilation. Sick puppies, for sure. We shall not display the full photos which are sourced from Associated Press and French Press. 

If you know who any of these persons are, report them to your local authorities. They are murderers who have desecrated human remains after committing an unprovoked murderous act which surely is intended to incite further violence amidst an already troubled and veritably psychotic, self-defecating society.

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