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INDEX 1990
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Also Gulf War Coverage - Index 
TWRV4-ISSUE: 1. (JAN. 3)
Comment: THE 90s -- NO TURNING BACK (6) by Hon. Jean-Jacques Blais
Maritime Air Surveillance Debate Continues
Harris/Marconi Team Awarded $18.1 Million Contract
Paramax Opens New Computer Language Technology Centre
HLVW -- Official RAM-D Results
CMC Doppler For PAH-2/HAP
U.S.A. Justified In Panamanian Action -- CISS Alex Morrison

TWRV4-ISSUE: 2. (JAN. 10)
HoC Committee Seeks Budget Increase -- Coastal Air Patrol
Update: CPF Electronic Warfare
Orders Dwindling As EH101 Loses To Black Hawk
Exposed Royal Navy Laser Weapons Cause Stir
Lavalin Confirms Interest In IRIS
Oerlikon Joins Garrett On TCCCS Bid
Diemaster Gets $1.6 Million Turbine Shaft Order

TWRV4-ISSUE: 3. (JAN. 17)
Comment: PERESTROIKA ON THIN ICE (10)  Micheal J. O'Brien (MO'B)
European Priorities And Prospects In The 1990s
IRIS-Lavalin-Microtel Explained
RBS 70 Proposal Rejected
Coastal Vessel Project At Preliminary Review Stage
Restoring Confidence -- SED Will Get SRP II Contract
Fleet Aerospace Yet To Sell Saskatchewan's SED Systems
Signaal Radars Delivered Faster Than Tribals Are TRUMPed
HP Enhances Its Manufacturing Management Software
Minuteman II Missiles To Be Scrapped
EHI Canada Restructuring Completed
MMLSA Contract Awarded To Collins And Marconi Team

TWRV4-ISSUE: 4. (JAN. 24)
Litton Defaults On TRUMP   Micheal J. O'Brien
AIAC Report Predicts Growth Rate Exceeding 12 Percent
Aerospatiale's Eryx Gets "Go" For Definition Phase
Canadian Defence Policy Under Comprehensive Review
Western European Goals For Eastern Europe
Thomson Drops Out Of Ferranti Bidding
Talking Turkey -- ADATS Decision Frozen To Year End
Boeing 747 Now 20 Years Old
Reserve Modernization Proceeding Slowly
GE CT7-6/T700 Engines Perform Well In EH101
Canadian Forces' "Peacekeepers" Return From Namibia
New CFM56-5C2 Engine Begins Tests
CAE Selected By Japan Air System For Airbus Simulator
Spar Scores $1.1 Million Communications Contract
Telemus Prospers On Domestic And Foreign Business
Rohde & Schwarz Introduces Security Direction Finder
Mesotec Gets Half Billion DIPP Contract
ADM Mat Healey Retires
HP Introduces 24 New Computer Systems
"Learning Tree" To Teach UNIX And Fibre Optics
MTI Marine Technology Inc. Wins $2 Million From U.S. Navy
Input (Brigadier-General Colin M. Curleigh, London, England)

TWRV4-ISSUE: 5. (JAN. 31)
Comment: SPENDING THE RENT MONEY (10)  Micheal J. O'Brien (MO'B)
TRUMP: The Problems Unfold
NTV In Project Definition Stage
NAADM Update - Aggressive Construction Schedule Planned
Bush Budget Plan Proposes Dramatic Changes
U.S. Congress To Examine Base Closure Proposal
NASA Space Station Gets Boost: U.S. Budget Plan
The GEC Takeover Of Ferranti
U.K. Tank Project Sparking Into Life
The Future Of Canada's Air Force: CDA Conference
Exocet Performance Boost
Soviet General Speaks Out At CSCE, Vienna
Rolls-Royce/SNECMA Deal Leading To Concorde Successor
MD-11 Trijet First Flight With GE CF6-80C2
GE Sells 53,500 Lb Thrust CF6-80C2 Engines To Eastern Bloc
Budgets And Military Flight Time Drop - Canada's CAE Wins

TWRV4-ISSUE: 6. (FEB. 7)
News Feature: Europe's Zigzagging Lines Of Division
British House Of Commons -- Reduction In Defence Forces
Soviets Fear Hostility: Canada's "Open Skies" Conference
IRIS SINCGARS Team Comes Together
Mobile Command Examines Multi-Role Combat Vehicle
CADWS -- If Ever Again?
De Havilland Sells Dash 8 To Schreiner Airways
Ontario Company Awarded Federal DIPP Contract
First Tier NSA Subcontractors Soon To Get RFP
U.K. Watchdog Slams EH101
Thwaites Leaves Litton To Head Eastbound
Toronto Firm Signs Advanced Materials MoU
U.S. $18.5 Million Contract Awarded To Regina Firm
Japanese Airline Orders Eight 747-400s And Ten MD90-30s
Research Funds For Sudbury Observatory
Industry Minister Announces New Canada Awards Category
Commons Debates: Privatizing Military Flight Training
People On The Move (DND appointments and reassignments)

TWRV4-ISSUE: 7. (FEB. 14)
"Open Skies" Conference Was Shevardnadze-Baker Duel
Canadian-Made GM LAV-25s Battle-Tested In Panama
The Mythical Multi-Role Combat Vehicle
Canadian Eyes Turn To Italy As Utility EH101 Flies
CAE Reports $1.9 Billion Firm Orders
Byron Cavadias To Lead Aerospace And Electronics At CAE
Ottawa Firm Awarded $2.6 Million TCCCS Contract
Boeing 747-400 Flies Into Second Year
McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Sales Booming
Another 13 Firm & 13 Options For McDonnell Douglas MD-11
... And Thirty MD-90s
BAe Commercial Aircraft Nets Tanker Contract
Systems Engineering And Project Management Training
HP Introduces Six Plotters For CAD Application
East Europe Market Opens For GE Aircraft Engines
Hungary Orders McDonnell Douglas MD 500s
Counter-View On Vienna -- Colonel Vladimir Chernyshev

TWRV4-ISSUE: 8. (FEB. 21)
Healey Brings Enlightened Reflection to CIBA, Pre-Budget
CDA - Our Country Needs The Canadian Armed Forces
AIAC Vice President -- A Pre-Budget Chat
Open Letter To PM And Cabinet - Air Force Officer's Group
CANTASS Ignored For Knox-Class
Paramax Gets Praise For NSA Bidders Conference
Canada's Current Day Naval Fleet (charts):
Warships / Non-Combatants (charts)
East Coast Vessels / West Coast Vessels (chart)
Warship Specs. / Warship Weapon Sys. (charts)
Maritime Air (chart)
The Aged, Rusting, Navy (bar graph)
Ship Replacement Programme (chart)
HMCS Halifax To Miss Sea Trials Target Date Again
SIAP Offers Aid To Maritime Shipyard
Old Crows' Call For Papers - April 1
Boeing 737-500 Certified by FAA
CISS Canada-U.S. Conference, Public Relations
Two Spanish Contracts For Arianespace
TACOM Initiative Raises Hopes At GM Diesel
Former Beatty Aide Opens Consulting Firm
Appointments To The National Research Council
SED Lands Teleglobe Earth Station Contract
HP Introduces New Low-Priced 3D Workstations
McDonnell Douglas Awards $21.6 Million In Contracts
Ken Kivenko Named Chairman Of Allied-Signal
National Public Relations Appointment

TWRV4-ISSUE: 9. (FEB. 28)
Promoting Fair Trade With The U.S.
-- A $3 Billion Imbalance (JJB)
New Importance For NATO -- Bill Rompkey, Member SCONDVA
German Unification -- British Parliament
'Ottawa Accord' For German Unification
Boeing 737 Breaks 727's World Production Record
CAE Captures Eastern Europe Opportunity
Three Customers Select CAE For Five Flight Simulators
Microtel SI Officially Bidding IRIS
Ontario Firm, Futuretek Awarded DIPP Contract
DY-4 Awarded Major Contracts By Raytheon Canada
Calgary, Alberta Company Gets First NTV Contract
Western Provinces' Earth Environment Space Initiative
Air Freighter Market Expanding
Innovative Spar Satellite System Under Construction
Martin Marietta Canada Ltd. Awarded $10.8 Million NISO
CFM56-5B Engines To Power New A321 Aircraft
Business As Usual For National Defence -- Post Budget

TWRV4-ISSUE: 10. (MAR. 7)
Boeing Forecasts Increased Aircraft Demand
Boeing And Feds Resolve Outstanding Issues
Rolls-Royce (Canada) Expands Facilities
Lockheed Canada Inc. Secures Export Contract
New TCCCS' IRIS Deadline
DND Acquires Canadian Designed DF Equipment
Rohde And Schwarz Canada Develops New Data XVR
Integrel Holds Western Bidders Conferences
GE's Increasingly Popular F404 Engine To Power X-31
EFA: The Last European Transnational Project?
First Boeing 737-500 Delivered
Germany And The Euro-Fighter
Canadair CL-227 Sentinel UAV Marks Another Milestone
Cost Constraints Limit MCDV
Federal Department Of Competitiveness
Four Ontario Companies Awarded DIPP Contracts
Soviet General Says Weapons Balance Must Be Maintained

TWRV4-ISSUE: 11. (MAR. 14)
Will Aerospatiale And D-B Merge Helicopter Interests?
TRUMP Recovery In Full Progress
Australia To Evaluate GM's LAV-25
UTDC Now At 33 Percent HLVW Production
CFMI Delivers 1000th Engine For Tanker Programme
U.S. To Create Three Procurement Arms Says Congress
USAir To Provide R&O Work For Rolls-Royce (Canada)
HP Focuses On Aerospace And Defence With New Brochure
HP's Handheld Calculator Integrates Capabilities Of PCs
New EISA 486-Based Computer
Boeing Everett Division Has Record Delivery Month
Field Aviation Wins Norwegian Contract
NASA Invests In Aircraft Noise Research
Hughes Selects Arianespace To Launch Two New Satellites
Spar Scores Three Network Bids In Mexico
SED Awarded Contract For RADARSAT Programme Support
Ariane Flight 36: Nomination Of The Inquiry Committee
$1 Billion In Subcontracts On NSA Programme

TWRV4-ISSUE: 12. (MAR. 21)
Airlines Prepare For Satellite Communications
Invar TOW Contract In Final Stage
CDC To Deliver First Full Production AN/SQS-510 Sonar
France's Leclerc Is Fourth Contender For U.K. MBT Contract
Emcon Is Certified As Nacsim 5100A Tempest Test Facility
CAL To Supply Indonesia With Search And Rescue System
CAL Develops Two New Products For Export
GE Signs F404 Contract
MBB Helicopter Announces New Director Of Marketing
American Airlines Leading In MD-11 Orders
Canadair's CL-215 Aids North Carolina In Firefighting
Western Firm Gets Canadair RJ Contract
GE Chooses Standard Aero As Helicopter Engine Partner
Mersereau To Teach Pricing Fundamentals
Input (open letter to suppliers of MIL Davie)

TWRV4-ISSUE: 13. (MAR. 28)
Partners In Defence (JJB)
Infamous Murdered Canadian Well Known To TWR
I.M.P. To Build NSA EH101
EHI(C) Restructuring Puts NSA Focus On Quebec
DY-4 Wins Underwater Systems Contract From U.S. Navy
Hermes Awarded $21 Million Sonobuoy Contract
GE (U.S.) Awards $35 Million Space Station Contract To Spar
Extension Of Deadline For Flight 36 Inquiry Board
Emcon And Rainford To Develop Shielded Enclosures
DIPP Contract Awarded To Aerospatiale, Quebec
McDonnell Douglas Tests Self-Repairing F-15
Boeing Developing New Wing Concept
Profile: Consulting Firm Offers Specialized Services
Anti-Thatcher Polls Could Curb U.K. Defence Spending
BAe Jetstream 31 Simulator Gains FAA Certification
BAe 146 Only Airliner Serving Seven Continents
People (DND appointments)

TWRV4-ISSUE: 14. (APR. 4)
Canadian Gerry Bull's Death Linked To Iraq Arms Deals
U.K. Minister Tom King On Hopes And Fears
Thorn Off Market
TCCCS' IRIS Teams Seek Western Connections
Healey's Back To Work
March Brought Mixed News For GM Diesel
Meaford Training Centre Development Underway
CF Introduces Alcohol And Drug Use Control
CCC Aids In Obtaining Contracts Valued At $12.2 Million
Alberta Company Gets Contract Worth Over $1 Million
Alien Invasion Stirred A Few (re: Mar. 28 'Comment')
Unisys Combines Canadian Operations Under Paramax Chief
Leigh Teams With Pelorus For CASP Bid
HP Introduces New Light Wave Multimeter
British Aerospace Buys Bishopsgate Systems
Lockheed Appoints Ashley President
First BAe ATP Enters Service With Air Wisconsin
Historic Boeing 747 Retires
Kaman Introduces T700-GE-401-Powered SH-2G Helicopter
British And German Potential Evaluated For LH Technology
Thomson-CSF About To Announce MEL Deal?

TWRV4-ISSUE: 15. (APR. 11)
Short Range Nuclear Weapons A Contentious Issue For NATO
The Third Zero
Soviet Parliament Questions Nuclear Tests
Soviet Army Stages 'Flea Market'
Soviets To Use West's Modern Aircraft Engines
Opposition Mounting To Yellowknife FOL
CDC Confirms New Western Partner
Paramax Has New "Coordinated Approach" To NSA
Oerlikon Aerospace Awards LLAD Radio Contract
Prior Data Sciences Joins Integrel For TCCCS Bid
Bombardier To Acquire Learjet Corp.
Air Force Relinquishes CFB Toronto To Total Force Concept
Quebec Aero Industry Helps Create Masters Programme
McDonnell Douglas Sells Eight More MD-88s To Aviaco
Laserfire Air Defence System Is Proven In Tests
Influential U.K. MP Embroiled In Lobbying Conflict
MDX Progresses As McDonnell Douglas Selects PW206A
Garrett's Tempest Award Recognizes TCCCS' IRIS Capability
Agusta Increases Orders For SF 260D Prop Trainer
Aerospatiale And MBB To Unite Their Helicopter Activities
Cost/Time Workshop To Deal With An Emerging Problem

TWRV4-ISSUE: 16. (APR. 18)
ADATS' Success Continues
Gun Barrel Intercept Links Dr. Bull And U.K. Companies
Could This Have Been The Bull "Supergun"?
NTV Definition Contract Negotiations Complete
Appeal Delays Yellowknife FOL
Mobile Command Looking At Simulators
Boeing Now At 6,000 Jets Delivered
Fatal CF-18 Collision In West Germany
WD To Help Bristol Pursue F-5 Opportunities Worldwide
Field Aviation Restructuring For The Future
CAE-Link Bags $51 Million In U.S. Contracts
Spectrocan Wins $5 Million Subcontract
CFE738 Engine Chosen For New Falcon Jet
GE's CT7 Turboprop Hits Two Million Flight Hours
MD-11 Beats Airbus Again As JAL Takes 20
Canada/France Aerospace Business Alliance
McDonnell Douglas Launches Indonesian Satellite
BAe Has Double Role In Hubble Space Telescope
Last New KC-10 Delivered to U.S. SAC

TWRV4-ISSUE: 17. (APR. 25)
Comment: WHO'S AT FAULT? (8) MO'B
The CF-18: A Brief History
DND Suspended Deliveries Of CF-18 In 1988
Hornet Now At One Million Flying Hours
Iraq's Supergun -- A Complex Web Of Deception
Target Date For HMCS Algonquin Delivery
Integrel Moves To Replace Leigh For IRIS Bid
Quebec Urges Feds To Renegotiate TRUMP
CAL Receives NASA Award
Stratford Company Awarded DIPP Contract
Pictou Industries Modernizing With Federal Assistance
SJSL Modernizing With Federal Assistance Under SIAP
McKnight Prepared To Meet With Innu
Emcon's New Workstation Includes ODS Communications
Inquiry Board Reports On Ariane Flight 36

TWRV4-ISSUE: 18. (MAY 2)
- Y. Fedorov, Novosti
Expert Judge To Review DND 'Secret Police' Practices
VSEL & SJSL Make Low Key Bid For Submarine Programme
CIBA Changes Name To "The IP Forum"
Halifax Begins Trials Alongside
Bristol Gets F-404 Engine R&O Contract
Boeing's Twins Certified For Additional Range
Ariane Flight 36: Inquiry Board Conclusions Confirmed
Marconi Wins $1.5 Million U.S. Army Contract
DoD To Buy Canadian Batteries
Unisys Canada Wins International Competition
DIPP Contract Expands Horizons For Orenda
Rolls-Royce Restructures To Reflect NEI Merger
Small Ontario Firm To Expand With DIPP
Woodbridge Firm Awarded Productivity Contract
Raychem Canada Limited Receives Additional CPF Contracts
New NSERC Appointee From Saskatoon
MD-11 Certification Tests Begin
Pratt & Whitney Canada Sells PT6 Variant To Japanese
Input (David Shearer, External Affairs & Int'l Trade Canada)

TWRV4-ISSUE: 19. (MAY 9)
Roundtable: NDP VIEW ON DEFENCE (12) Derek Blackburn
Roundtable: Chrétien, Copps, Martin, Nunziata And Wappel
The Roundtable Questions
Roundtable: Sheila Copps, MP Hamilton East
Roundtable: Paul Martin, MP Lasalle-Émard
Roundtable: John Nunziata, MP York South-Weston
Roundtable: Tom Wappel, MP Scarborough West
CADIZ To Be Heavily Enforced
NATO Nuclear Group Meets in Alberta During 'Hot-Times'
Industry Bidding To Configure EH101 For ASST Role
Concorde Replacement Was To Be Announced Today In Paris
HLVW Project Meets Snag On Dump Variant
Yellowknife FOL Appeal Rejected
Crossair Confirms BAe 146 Order
De Havilland Sells 25 More Dash 8 Airliners To America West
Ottawa Firm Offers New Gas Turbine Test Software
IAI Finally Profitable Following Demise Of LAVI
Third McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Makes Maiden Flight
First British Aerospace C-29A Delivered To U.S. Air Force
JAS Specifies The GE CT7-9B For Eight New Saab 340Bs
First Type Ratings Issued At BAe Training Centre
Hubble Space Telescope Powered By The Sun
First CFM56-Powered Boeing 737-500 For Linjeflyg

TWRV4-ISSUE: 20. (MAY 16)
U.S. Softens For Gorbachev/Bush Summit May 30 - June 3
NATO Summit July 5-6 Will Deal With Alberta NPG Topics
Warsaw Pact Defence Ministers To Meet June 7
Marshal Yazov's Challenge To NATO
LFCA Commander MGen Stewart Details Total Force Plan
Peacetime Threat To Include Environmental Incidents
Industry Interested In Leigh Asset Purchase
Last Piston-Powered CL-215 Handed Over To Greeks
Two Newfoundland Companies Share In U.S. DoD Contract
Godfrey Aerospace Acquires Repair And Overhaul Company
Byers And Hawkes In Top Slots At GE Canada
BAe 146 Flies One Millionth Flight
U.K. Awaits Apache Deal
Lucas And Iran
U.K. Nimrods And Buccaneers To Serve On Says Minister
Matra Joining Euromissile For Advanced Roland Variant
Garrett/Integrel Withdraws As Prime TCCCS' IRIS Bidder

TWRV4-ISSUE: 21. (MAY 23)
Malta Accord's 'START' Delayed & Reduced
Soviet View On 'START' -- Deterrence Hinders Disarmament
NATO Euro-Group Must Lessen Dependence On U.S. & Canada
NATO Planning Committee Prepares To Reform NATO
1989 Global Spending Fell As Some 'Hot Spots' Cooled
U.K. Government Suspends Defence Orders
NSA Airborne Radar Bids Received By Paramax
Air-Defence Regiment's HLVWs Shipped To Germany
CDC's CANTASS At The Starting Gate At Home And Abroad
Ontario Firm Awarded $220K DIPP Contract
CDC Seeks Monitor Supplier
CAE-Link's Stealth Fighter Simulator
Marconi And Signaal Celebrate 100th STIR System
McMaster To Study Superconductivity With Federal Support
New Cadet Colours Reflect Distinctive Environments
Selenia And Aeritalia Merge Defence Electronics
Delta To Lease Two MD-11s
F404 Engine Accumulates Two Million Hours
Douglas Aircraft Dispels Closure Rumours
U.S. Marine Corps Now Flying F/A-18D
Emirates Airline Selects GE CF6-80C2
Thai International Selects CF6-80C2/-80E1
Antitank 'Tiger' Prototype In Final Assembly
Studies Announced For Concorde Replacement
British Aerospace To Build $40 Million Facility
Rolls-Royce To Re-Engine UPS Fleet Of Boeing 727s

TWRV4-ISSUE: 22. (MAY 30)
Our Problem: Meech Lake MO'B
Soviet Education Officials Visit Canada
NATO Says "No" To Goose Bay Training Centre
Gorbachev Adviser Upbeat About Bush-Gorbachev Summit
Indal Wins $20 Million In CANTASS/SUBTASS Contracts
Light Support Vehicle Project Rolls A Step Forward
EH101 Heliliner Flies
NTV Contracts Go West To Alberta's Foremost Inc.
DMR Group Awarded $3.8 Million CAATS Contract
Air Atlantic Inaugurates BAe 146 Jet Service
Profile: CMC's Kanata Facility
Canadair Selects Japanese Challenger Service Facility
Canadair RJ At 139 Orders As German Airline Opts For 25
BAe - GDC/GDLS Strategic Alliance For U.K. Tank & More
CAE To Build First Dash 8 Simulator For America West
Additions To Regional Jet Project Boost Operator Benefits
B.C.'s Microtel Pacific Wins $28 Million Defence Contract
CAE Receives $15 Million In Contracts For CF-18
Dowty Canada's Name Changes
HP Introduces A New Entry-Level Desktop PC
Two New Contracts For Arianespace

Georgetown Shipyard Modernizing Under SIAP
Standard Aero Bags $124.7 Million In DND Engine R&O
Industry/Government Network Could Be Forerunner...
CAE To Supply Training Devices To AA For MD-11
Ontario Machine Shop To Install CNC Machining Equipment
Oerlikon Joins CDC/Racal TCCCS' IRIS Team In Final Hours
Calgary Firm Uses DIPP To Install Injection Molding
Mississauga Company Awarded Federal Contract
Toronto Machine Shop Uses DIPP For Modernization
Cambridge Firm Uses DIPP For CNC Machining Equipment
Quebec Actuator Manufacturer Expands
Havlik Wins DIPP Contract For 5-Axis Profiler
SJSL Gets $2.2 Million Under SIAP
Appointment: John Markham Now Marketing For MPR
Top Civil Aircraft Makers Team For SST Studies
Programme Update: McDonnell Douglas C-17 Airlifter
New Euro-ASW Groupings
AH-64 Apache Stars in New Film, "Fire Birds"
Malaysian Setback For Tornado
Computer Workshops Teach UNIX V And DBMS

TWRV4-ISSUE: 24. (JUNE 13)
- Anatoli Ilyukhov
Warsaw Pact Summit Concludes That Pact Is Pertinent
Westland Confirms EH101 Under Consideration For SAR Role
CMC Demonstrates Satellite Communications Terminal
Land Rover To Bid On Mobile Command's LSVW
DND Has 'Clean' Record -- Collins Sets Environmental Goals
The Industry And Environmental Issues
This Industry Has Star Role In Environment Protection
B.C. Firm Exports Military Severe-WX Shelters For Antarctic
Shifting Emphasis Apparent At British Army's Trade Show
Computing Devices' TCCCS/IRIS Proposal Submitted
New British Aerospace Centre At Farnborough
U.S. Air Force Awards Contract To 'Harden' Satellites
Today's Apache Incorporates Sophisticated Advances
F-23 ATF Team Uses BAC-111 For Avionics Development
LH Helicopter Flies Combat Missions In Simulation
"Pit Viper" Chain Gun Ends Initial Firing Tests
Boeing Sells 747-400s & GE Bags Biggest Sale For CF6 Engines
Re-Thinking Helicopter Development Processes
EMB-120 Brasilia Sales Now Exceed 300
GE/Garrett 6,000 Lb Thrust Turbofan Test Is Successful
McDonnell Douglas To 'Show And Tell' In The Soviet Union
Project Management Course Directed At A&D Managers
Software Management Course Available In August

TWRV4-ISSUE: 25. (JUNE 20)
U.S. Examines 25 Percent Cut In Military Force
A Curious Soviet Defection
Cessna Top Choice For Soviet 'Invasion'
U.S. Air Lines' Stronger Anti-Terrorist Precautions
Prior Wins $1 Million Contract For U.K. ATC Workstations
Royal Air Maroc To Acquire MDS Engine Test Facility
Emcon Certifies Shielded Cabinet
Atlantis Wins Contract For CF-18 Maintenance Trainers
ISTC Signs MoU With Council Of Professional Engineers
Adga Opens New Project Office To Support Hughes' CAATS
Canadian Marconi Teams With Pelorus Navigation For CASP
Fourth MD-11 Begins Flight Testing
Microtel (SI) Proposal For The TCCCS/IRIS Project
Certification Near For MD NOTAR Helicopters
No Criminal Conduct Implied In PMO LLAD Report
TWRV4-ISSUE: 26. (JUNE 27)
Comment: U.K.'S DEEP CUTS -- PART II (12) JR
Canada's Oceans Policy Conference
HMCS Provider Rescues 90 Vietnamese Adrift In Wooden Boat
HMCS Saguenay's Farewell Cruise
ARMX Stays In Ottawa - Peace Demonstrators In Business
Fighter Pilot Review Made Public
Raytheon Has $7.5 Million Role In DND SATCOM Contract
Bendix Awarded Laser Encoder Contract For ADATS
Bendix Awarded DND Contract For Night Vision Periscopes
Field's Twin Otter Upgrade Spooling Up For Farnborough
AIAC To Participate In Private Sector Initiative
RTM322 Engine Chosen For The Royal Navy's EH101
Guy Belanger Leaves Civil Service To Form Consulting Firm
Giga-Tronics Appoints Montreal Rep-Firm
MBB Canada Now Engineering Authority For North America
HP Canada Introduces New Digital Test Equipment
Call For Papers: CASI Flight Test Symposium
Canadair Receives $145 Million B-767 Follow-On Order
BAe Announces New Regional Jetliner
Brazilian Air Force Receives 137th Tucano
BAe And Thomson To Cooperate In Sonar Development
Mexican Navy Chooses MD 500E For Flight Training
Brasilia Sales Hit 514 As EMB-145 Regional Jet Is Launched
McDonnell Douglas Wins F-18 Contract -- Co-op With Canada
BAe Wins U.K. MoD Contract To Upgrade Antitank Missile
McDonnell Douglas Transfers MD-80 Work From Long Beach
Hughes Wins U.S. Navy Contract For FLIR Pods
High Performance SF260 In U.S.A.F. Test
U.S. Pursues Helicopter Obstacle Avoidance Research
McDonnell Douglas Wins NATO IV-B Launch Contract
Arianespace To Launch Military Observation Satellite
KAL Orders 23 Additional Boeing 747-400 Jetliners
SR-71 Blackbird's Partial Reprieve
PC Configuration Training And Fibre Optics Course

Japan Showing Greater Interest In NATO
Soviet Troops Leave Hungary
France: No 'Peace Dividend' As Industry Goes On Show
Giat Industries: A New Force
Bonn Looking At First Ever Defence Budget Cut
MD-80 Reaches Half Billion Passenger Milestone
Pentagon Report Favours Keeping V-22 Osprey
BAe 1000 Corporate Jet Completes Maiden Flight
Canadian Marconi Wins GPS Contract
Canadian Search And Rescue Services Enhanced
CAE/Link Tactical Operation Lands ASW Simulation Contract

TWRV4-ISSUE: 28. (JULY 11)
Comment: CPF'S $1.76 BILLION BOMB (8) MO'B
A Doleful Period In The Saga Of MIL Davie
Two Canadians With ONUCA Aid In Nicaraguan Rescue
U.S. Army To Allow Time For FAADS Reliability Solution
Computing Devices Establishes Office In Calgary
Rohde & Schwarz Gets First Orders For DF
Defending The Canadian Flag
Dowty's Quebec Plant
Lockheed Canada Awarded CF-18 EW Contract By DND/DSS
Montreal Plant Has Major Role In Dowty Reorganization
Leigh To Be Broken Up By Government/Trustee
CAE To Design MD-81 Flight Simulator For JAS
Newfoundland Firm Opts For 20 Canadair Regional Jets
Prior Data Bags Million Dollar ATC Contract In U.K.
Update: Canadair's Regional Jet
Canadair CL-215T Turboprop Flies At Ottawa Show
British Airways Is Big On Boeing's 747-400

TWRV4-ISSUE: 29. (JULY 18)
Three Challengers Given Environmental And Other Roles
Diversification: Defence Conversion High On Europe's Agenda
U.S. Military Directed To Protect Environment
Captain Peter Partner Is New Judge Advocate General!
Marconi Wins $16 Million Sikorsky Contract
Australia Receives Final F/A-18 Hornet
Textron Lycoming Pays For Faulty Engines
McDonnell Douglas Sells Off Computer Company
McDonnell Douglas Corp. To Cut Back 11 Percent
MD-80 Sets McDonnell Douglas Record
Brazil/Argentina Complete CBA-123 Prototype
GEC Accused Of Trying To Move Leigh Contracts To Marconi

TWRV4-ISSUE: 30. (JULY 25)
Boeing In Talks To Sell De Havilland
McDonnell Douglas Claims Profitable Second Quarter
Bombardier To Raise Cash Through Share Issue
Canadian Marconi Company Reports Year-End Results
Loral Corp. Acquires Ford Aerospace
U.S. Air Force To Leave Goose Bay
Leopard Stalks U.K. Tank Contract
U.S. To Destroy 400 Tons Of Nerve Gas From Germany
U.S. To Contest Airbus Subsidies Under GATT
Marconi To Provide Instrument Displays For MDX
Fokker Rejects Rumours Of BAe/Daimler Share Stakes
Pentagon Tells Fain Fliers "Don't Let Ruskies Fly Our Birds!"
HP Introduces New Pulse/CW Microwave Counter
Official Who Slipped Info To Consultant Gets 15 Years Jail
Boeing 767 Provides Extended Twin Ops Safe And Reliable

TWRV4-ISSUE: 31. (AUG. 1)
Spar Restructures To Streamline Operations
Spar People On The Move
Boeing 2nd Quarter Great But 1990 Bad For Defence & Space
No Early 'Peace Dividend' For U.K. From Armed Forces Cuts
Canadair's First Regional Jet Taking Shape
The United Kingdom's EH101 Project
EHI(C) Makes Senior Management Appointments
Fleet Aerospace: Back To Established Basics After 60 Years
Canadian Group To Build CF-105 Arrow Number 7!
Call For Papers: CMIA Conference Moves To Ottawa
Canadians To Conduct Dew-Line Environmental Survey
Rangers To Participate In Small Arms Competition
New GE F120 Engine Completes Another Milestone
Top Defence Men Visit Between Canada And Warsaw Pact
Garrett Engine For Embraer CBA-123 Begins Tests
MD's Helicopter Co. Restructuring Too
BAe's Quick Move To Support Earthquake Relief Effort
Litton Canada Wins Major U.S. Award From 'SuperTeam'
Bell & Carew Get National Defence Appointments
HP Expands 80386 Computer Line To Include Fast 25-MHz Unit
Nova Scotia Firm Dies In Quest For Louis S. St. Laurent Work

TWRV4-ISSUE: 32. (AUG. 8) twr32v4- Gulf War 
Sampson Retires, Sawyer Named President Boeing Canada
U.K. Axes Ships In Budget Cuts
MEL To Go To Thorn?
New U.K.-U.S. Joint Maritime Centre
Resident Israeli Industries Representative To Return Home
McDonnell Douglas Shareholders To Get Dividend
Update: Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel Programme
Northern HQ Moving From Trailers To Permanent Quarters
Two More Types Certified With Pratt Canada Engines
Hawkesbury's Tul Safety Equipment Wins Navy Contract
General Electric Engines Power Airbus For Air Afrique

TWRV4-ISSUE: 33. (AUG. 15) twr33v4- Gulf War
Saddam Hussein: Dueling With Fear
Iraq's Monstrous Arms Build-Up
U.K./U.S. Defence Suppliers Preparing To Support A Gulf War
Iraq (three statistics charts)
Iraq Has Small Navy
Air Force Assets
Iraqi Army Equipment
Iraq's Chemical Weapons Are No Myth
Iraq's Nuclear Weapons Programme No Myth Either
Soviet Union Has Encouraged "Arab Solution"
Soviets Have Large Number Of Citizens In-Country
Canada Sending Warships -- Maybe More -- To Gulf Region
HMCS Terra Nova, Athabaskan, Protecteur (charts)
USN Airmen May Avenge Stark's 37 Murdered Crewmen
Saudi/U.S. Deterrence Effective Says Middle East Editor
Farnborough May Attract Mid-East Defence Buyers
Editor's Note (TWR references re: Middle Eastern affairs)
U.K. Industry: The Jobs Start To Go
McDonnell Douglas Announces New Plan For Shareholders
MD-11 Makes 16.6 Hour Historic Polar Flight
GE (Aircraft Engines) Canada Opens Ottawa Office
Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Celebrates 50th
People: George Dragone Replaced As Top Man At Fleet
P&WC To Commission Edison Structural Testing System
CAE Wins 4 New Simulator Orders And Enters A340 Market

TWRV4-ISSUE: 34. (AUG. 22) twr34v4- Gulf War
The Blindness At 'External' (David Weinberg)
Massive U.S. & Allied Force Building In Middle East
Canada/United States Defence Board Celebrates 50th
Canadian Task Force To Sail For The Mid-East (map)
Canada Has Mustered An Impressive Middle East Task Force
The Mid-East War Scenario
Frigate Finishes First Trials With Flying Colours
LAV Update: FMC Corp. Awarded Contract
Submarines A Likely "Go" Next Month
Bristol's Black Brant Rockets Sold To NASA
PCBs Incinerated At Goose Bay

TWRV4-ISSUE: 35. (AUG. 29) twr35v4- Gulf War
Getting There And Fighting -- A Report From Washington
U.S.S.R. Would Only Join A U.N. Peacekeeping Force In Gulf
Iraqi Aggression And The Politics Of The Arab World
Iraq Versus Kuwait -- Iraq Versus Saudi Arabia
Jordan, Syria, Turkey
Iraq And Iran -- Iraq Versus Egypt
The PLO And The Palestinians -- The Other Gulf States
A New Chapter In The 'Canadian Helicopter' Scuffle
People: Lionel Leveille Leaving Oerlikon Aerospace Inc.
'Due Diligence' Commences For Sale Of De Havilland
DND Forms Biological/Chemical Review Committee
Thirty Percent Of Spar To Go To Matra
Update: DND's HLVW Programme Is Two Thirds Complete
CDC Finally Awarded $89 Million CANTASS Contract
Field Sells Beech 1900 To British Columbia Carrier
Farnborough International Air Show -- Canadian Participants
Farnborough To See Sea Skua As Ship-Launched Missile
Embraer's CBA-123 Vector To Debut At Farnborough
CAE To Provide Flight Simulators For China
Northrop/McDonnell Douglas ATF Contender Flies First

TWRV4-ISSUE: 36. (SEPT. 5) twr36v4- Gulf War 
Farnborough: Arms Makers Glum, Airframers Hopeful
CDC's CANTASS Is An Exceptional Canadian Achievement
Moscow Writer Cynical Of Soviet Role In Arming Iraq
U.S. Armed Forces In The Middle East -- Assault Force Or Defensive Action?
U.S. Forces In The Middle East (map)
Gulf Of Oman (chart of U.S. naval forces)
Mediterranean Sea (chart of U.S. naval forces)
Red Sea (chart of U.S. naval forces)
Persian Gulf (chart of U.S. naval forces)
U.S. Air Force (chart)
U.S. Army/Marines (chart)
Assault Force Or Defensive Action?
Evidence Suggests A Major Assault In The Making
Additional Canadian Support For "Operation Friction"

TWRV4-ISSUE: 37. (SEPT. 12)
Overview Of The Iraqi Crisis --
An Interview With Dr. Mark Heller
Farnborough Air Show News Roundup
Matra On The Move At Farnborough
Canadair Aggressively Sold RJ At Farnborough
DND's CE-144A Was Featured Star At Farnborough
EH101 Contender RTM322 To Power Soviet Helicopter
Excellence Awards Go To Industry
Garrett Advances New Aero-Environment Frontiers
$5 Million In U.S. Contracts For Canadian Companies
CL-289 Unmanned Reconnaissance System Ready For Service
CL-215T Update: First 'Turbinized-215' Now Flying In Spain
I.M.P./CMC Acquire The Assets Of Leigh's Micronav
SIU Report Released As Crown Is Sued
McDonnell Douglas Told To Build Kuwait's Hornets
Helsinki Summit Marks U.S.S.R./U.S.A. Quasi-Alliance
Update: Canada's Operation Friction Still In Training
People: BGen. Murray Ramsbottom To Be President Of ARC

TWRV4-ISSUE: 38. (SEPT. 19) twr38v4- Gulf War
Drum Beats Of War (MO'B):
U.S. assault plan has been formulated.
Iraq's strength may be on the upswing.
Americans are motivated not just by oil.
The world waits for President Bush.
Israeli patience is wearing thin.
New U.N. assertiveness is leaning toward dangerous precedent.
Averting war by assassinating Saddam.
The drum beats reverberate through Canada.
Canada's New Commitment In The Gulf Crisis
Persian Gulf A Canadian Choice
Canada's Military Commitment Goes Beyond CF-18s And Ships
Canada Takes Firmer Stand In Gulf Conflict (map)
"Operation Scimitar" Replaces "Operation Friction" (map)
U.K. Sends A Clear Signal (JR)

TWRV4-ISSUE: 39. (SEPT. 26)
No Heroes At Oka (DG)
Oka Notebook:
Accredited journalists outnumber army and warriors.
Local folks are deeply affected by the crisis.
Soldiers and Surete du Quebec have crisis contained.
Warriors are armed with bombs and assault rifles.
Aiding The Civil Power -- The Process Explained
HMCS Halifax -- Waiting For A Good Thing
Update: NSA/EH101
Senior Appointments At Canadair
Prior Data Sciences Wins $1.5 Million Contract
CAE Gets Go-Ahead From USAir For Dash 8 Simulator
CANTASS Subcontracts Fall To B.C.'s Ebco
Saskatchewan's SED Makes Its Move For TCCCS Bid
Input (Janet E. McCoy re: SIU)

TWRV4-ISSUE: 40. (OCT. 3)
Comment: A GHASTLY ERA (12) MO'B
The Politics Of The New White Paper (MO'B)
Transport Command: Boeing 707 Part Of Family Of 1,000
Finding A Base For Canada's Gulf-Bound CF-18s
LLAD-ADATS Again Faces Competitive Comedy Capers (MO'B)
Combat Testing ADATS In The Gulf War
Shakeup At Zurich Could Affect Oerlikon In Canada
Canadian Company Continues To Diversify
Fleet Aerospace Finally Sells SED Systems
Atlantis Spreads Wings Through Joint Venture Cooperation
CMC Certified To MIL-STD-1772
De Havilland Sells Schreiner Airways Additional Dash 8s
People: Paul Manson To Become Paramax President In '91
Dave Hampson Joins Bofors
John Brick Appointed Colonel Commandant
Prior Data Sciences Wins Environment Canada Contract
The Gulf: Facing The Mine Threat (JR)
The Gulf: BAe Personnel Stay
Editor's Note: Reader Comments Invited Re: "Military Aid To Civil Power"
Mid-East Notebook (MK)
Israel On War Alert
Atlantic Canada House Opens In Ottawa
Transport: C-17 Programme Continues To Roll Ahead
Sparton Receives U.S. Navy Contract
Soviet General Suggests Caution (Vladimir Ostrovsky)

TWRV4-ISSUE: 41. (OCT. 10)
Gulf Update: CF-18s Arrive Cooler -- Terrorist Threat Rises
CF-18 Squadron Arrives In Qatar As Weather "Improves"
Potential For Widespread Terrorism On The Increase
Gulf Update: Can There Be Peace After A Peaceful Solution?
U.S. Plans Enormous Boost To Saudi Military Strength
Will The Saudis Attack Israel In The 1990s?
TCCCS/IRIS Bid Evaluation Passes Half Way Marker
At Defendory Land Rover Says It Questions LSVW Bid
Aerospatiale/Alitalia Decision On De Havilland In Two Weeks
National Business Aircraft Association Highlights
Canadair's Challenger Steals The Show At NBAA
British Aerospace Introduces "Step-Up" Biz-Jet At $6 Million
Bombardier's Learjet Corp. To Build Two New Lear Models
DND Small Contracts Recently Awarded
Boeing Winnipeg Opens $31 Million Addition
Largest Training Exercise Has Begun In Saudi Desert
The People Of Canada's Aerospace Industries Association
(AIAC's 1990/91 Executives And Directors)

TWRV4-ISSUE: 42. (OCT. 17)
Comment: SOVIET DEFENCE CUTS (6) Vladimir Serov
What Next For The U.S.S.R. In The Gulf? (Valery Neyev)
International Institute For Strategic Studies' Mid-East Stats
Italians Complete Naval Trials of EH101
Update: Northern Terrain Vehicle Project
Spar Grabs Remainder Of Leigh Assets
Eurodynamics Doubts
CMC Wins Piece Of U.S. MSE Project
People: David Stephenson To Lead Rohde & Schwarz
CASI Paper Airplane Contest Winners

TWRV4-ISSUE: 43. (OCT. 24) twr43v4- Gulf War
Message From The Editor (MO'B)
Message: The Prime Minister Of Canada
Message: The Minister Of National Defence
Comment: "Attitudes" (MO'B)
The Aggressor -- Saddam Hussein (MO'B)
Operation Scimitar: Dealing With The Aggressor (Staff)
Contending With Fear (MO'B)
If You Don't Like What You Read, 'Beef' About It (DG)
Message: Gen. John Cabot Trail (a.k.a. Dave Harley)
From The Halifax Homefront
Message: Some 60,000 Canadians Have A Special Commitment
Litton Systems Canada Limited, Proud Of Your Commitment
"Safe Accomplishment Of Your Mission": The MIL Group
Heartfelt Support From Allied-Signal Aerospace Canada
Best Wishes From Oerlikon People At Home And In The Field
"A Safe Return To Your Loved Ones" From Folks At Paramax
"Godspeed In Your Missions" -- 3,600 CAE Employees
"Wishes For A Speedy Return Home" From Indal
Proud Of Your Dedication -- Canadair
Middle East News Briefs
Soviet Navy Officials Visit Halifax
Canadair Proposal For CF Flying Training Requirements
DND To Move Closer To Society With New Committee
Bristol Bags $827,000 WSPS Contract
Iraq's Advanced 155mm Gun Has Main Origins In Canada
Nightingale Leaves Saint John Shipbuilding Limited
General Paul Manson To Become Paramax President in '91
TCCCS/IRIS Bid Evaluation Passes Halfway Marker
Boeing Grows In Winnipeg
U.S. Forces May Utilize Israeli Technology In Iraqi Conflict
Canada's Second City Humour Gang Sends Greetings
For Our Readers In The Gulf -- The Wednesday Report

TWRV4-ISSUE: 44. (OCT. 31)
The Price Of Appeasement (MK)
Ousting Iraqi Forces From Kuwait -- A Strike Scenario (map)
U.K. Prepares For Gulf Casualties
VSEL To Sell Its Cammell Warship Yard
Bofors And FFV Enter Merger Negotiations
CF In Mideast To Get HQ -- Summers In Full Command
Telesat Mobile Inc. Postpones Signing On MSAT
"20/20" Producer Explores FAADS On CBS "60 Minutes"
Ottawa Welcomes Romania's New Military Attache
Input (Noël Pominville, Président, Société d'histoire Oka Inc.)

TWRV4-ISSUE: 45. (NOV. 7)
How Canada Helped Arm Iraq -- Part II
The Tankbuilders Are Watching The Gulf
U.K. Reschedules Defence Programmes
Saudi Arabia And The U.S. -- Who's Indebted To Whom? (MK)
Is There A New Made-In-Canada Trainer On The Horizon?
New Benefits Programme For Primary Reserve
Coderre, CF And Computing Devices Win Big On TCCCS
I.M.P. Lays Off Employees As Rowe Hopes For Tracker Project
Spectrum Management Technology Sold To Malaysia
'Super Engines' On B-777 To Have New Garrett Controls
Thorn Clinches MEL Deal
CAL Has New Name, New Subsidiary
Another Western Firm Achieves AQAP-1 Recognition
British Aerospace Embarks On Demonstration Tour
Input (Patrick J. McManus, Atlantic Correspondent)

TWRV4-ISSUE: 46. (NOV. 14) twr46v4- Gulf War
U.K. Will Cut Defence Spending, But No Peace Dividend
The Challenge To PM Thatcher
Sources Lied On CBS 60 Minutes "If Push Comes To Shove"
Spar Aerospace Announces Improved Third Quarter Results
Marconi To Build Power Supplies For Northrop ATV
First GE Turbofan Delivered For Canadair RJ
RJ70 Gets Big Push From Comair
Additional CAE C-5B Simulator Order Brings Total To Seven
United Parcel Orders 25 Boeing 757 Package Freighters
Turkey Buys Six GE-Powered Black Hawk Helicopters
DND Contracts Recently Awarded In Ontario
Inmarsat 2 -- First Launch Of Eurostar-Class Satellite
Jetstream Super 31 Gets Nod From JAL
Conair To Supply Spares Kits To U.S. Air Force
Input (BGen. C.G. Diamond, Commander, ATG, Trenton)
A Calendar of events is published frequently in
The Wednesday Report. Readers are invited to submit details of meetings and events they wish to have
published to the aerospace and defence community.

TWRV4-ISSUE: 47. (NOV. 21)
Commons Debates: Ontario Town, Newmarket "Adopts" HMCS Protecteur In Gulf
U.K. Drops Supergun Charges But Rekindles Doubts
Iraq's Nuclear Weapons/Missile Programme Forges Ahead
High Ranking Soviet Brass In Halifax Again
Update: First CPF Runs Through Final Test Phases
Canadian Forces Supply System Upgrade
Bristol Wins CF-5 Contract
Anti-Radar Missile Completes Firing Programme
Prior Lands $6.2 Million CAATS Contract
Boeing Awards 777 Avionics Contracts To Honeywell
Innotech Aviation Announces New Challenger Interiors
Garrett Offers Support Services For Regional Airlines
New RJ Vendors Selected
Canadair Regional Jet On Schedule
Winner Of Design Competition For Peacekeeping Monument
Dash 8 Sales Continue To Climb Vigorously
Learning Tree Offers Workshop On UNIX
Input (Master Seaman Kevin Elliott, HMCS Athabaskan)

TWRV4-ISSUE: 48. (NOV. 28) twr48v4- Gulf War
Comment: EYES ON 10 DOWNING (6) JR
Profile: Belcan Technologies Inc.
Profile: Blue Kestrel Vies For Position On EH101
Marconi MLS Receiver Certified By FAA
Microtel Consortium Receives Funding For AQAP-1
Varig Airlines Chooses Canadian Marconi Omega Systems
Marconi SATCOM Antenna Now In Production
Reader's Consultancy Moves To Australia
Arosan To Build New Ammunition Storage Facility For DND
De Havilland Gets Two New Orders For Dash 8 Series 300
Tyrolean Airways Orders Additional Dash 8s
CAE Minehunter Simulator For Belgium
Nominees Sought For Outstanding Innovation Awards
Intergraph Introduces Series 2000 Workstations

TWRV4-ISSUE: 49. (DEC. 5)
How Canada Helped Arm Iraq -- Part III
Are Israel's Border Attacks Connected To Saddam?
McKnight's Statement Explains Supplemental Funding
GE Aerospace Has New Ottawa Presence
U.K. Industry Shudders As BAe Sheds 5,000 Jobs
Iran Hits The Buying Trail
December 7 Last Day For Free Christmas Mail To The Gulf
Murray Ramsbottom Soon To Command Expanded ARC Inc.
First U.S. Minehunter Control System Delivered By CAE
AH-64 Apache Readiness Rates Top 81 Percent
Central Mountain Air Buys Beech 1900 C Airliner
CL-289 Flies Into Service
CF-5s To Get Litton's LN-93 INS
BASE Sea Archer 1A Systems Accepted By Royal Thai Navy
CASI Call For Papers
Input (Murray Ramsbottom, Executive VP, Atlantic Research)

TWRV4-ISSUE: 50. (DEC. 12)
How Canada Helped Arm Iraq -- Part IV:
Protecting Canada's Secrets (DG)
Premier Major Faces Restricted Agenda
"I Want My Ships" -- Vice-Admiral Charles Thomas
MBB Appoints Ken Edmonds Gov't Affairs Man
Indiana Firm Purchases BO 105 LS
STARS Upgrades To An MBB BK 117 B-1 Helicopter
Motorola Joins With DY-4 Systems For AVICS
Gulf: Air Superiority And Unfinished Business
Indal Awarded $6.7 Million U.S. Navy Contract
Lockheed Awarded $4.2 Million In Contracts
Spar's Leigh Operation Gets F/A-18 DFIRS Contract
AIAC Tries Video Conferencing
Patrick James Mitchell Appointed Honourary Colonel
Portage La Prairie Confirmed For Pilot Training
439 Squadron Replacing 409 In Qatar
Prior Bags Westinghouse Deal
Defence Minister Visits U.N. And Joint NATO DPC/NPG Meeting
Input (K.J. Pickford, Commanding Officer, HMCS Athabaskan)
Input (Master Seaman P. Goulding, HMCS Athabaskan)

TWRV4-ISSUE: 51. (DEC. 19)
Comment: A WAY OF LIFE (8) MO'B
Facing Reality (MO'B)
Syria -- The Next Iraq?
The Impact of Sanctions On Iraq
Exporters Of Death
Beat The GST And Save 7% On The Wednesday Report
The Danger Of Iraqi-Sponsored Terrorism
CMIA's Open Letter To The Prime Minister: Reconsider Polar 8
Air Transport Group Gets Five New CC-130s
MSAT Contract Expected Today
SED Opens World Satellite Market
Arianespace Flight 40 Orbits Two More U.S. Satellites
Spar Delivers Second AN/SAR-8 System
CF Personnel Return From Central America For Christmas
Input (Colonel Phil Engstad, Canadian Air Task Group - Qatar)
Input (Master Seaman Chris Blackstock, HMCS Athabaskan)

TWRV4-ISSUE: 52. (Dec. 26)
INDEX  1990 (10)

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Comment.............................. lead editorial
MO'B................................. Micheal J. O'Brien, Editor
JJB.................................. Jean-Jacques Blais, Ottawa
JR................................... John Reed, London, England
DG................................... Dale Grant, Toronto
MK................................... Moshe Karem, Jerusalem, Israel
PM................................... Patrick McManus, Halifax
WB................................... Wanda Brox, staff
Input................................ letters to editor


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