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Volume 17, Number 15, April 9, 2003 


Recently Americans have been hearing that Islam, like mainstream Christianity, is a passive religion. President George W. Bush has referred to Islam as a "peaceful" religion. After Sept. 11, Americans are questioning whether Islam is a passive religion, and if those responsible are only a minority in the world of Islam. However the Islamic faith is not as peaceful as we have been led to believe, and I hope the following evidence will help students at Gustavus realize the danger of Islam.

In translation the word Islam is "submission." The nature of Moslem believers is to submit to the laws and regulations set forth in the Koran, and if necessary, to force people into submission through any means necessary. Unlike mainstream Christianity, there is a general consensus in Islam that the Koran was dictated to Mohammed through God, and that the Koran is to be taken literally in all aspects. The Koran clearly insists that Moslems have a duty to subdue those who are not of their faith. The Koran, Sura 9, verse 5 describes instructions to Moslems when confronted with non-believers, "Then fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them. And seize them, beleaguer them and lie in wait for them, in every stratagem [of war.]" Taken literally, the Koran states that Moslems have a duty to fight all people "until they embrace Islam."

These people may be fundamentalists; however, they are not crazy. Osama Bin Laden is not crazy--he is literally practicing the instructions set forth in the Koran, making Bin Laden and Islam much more dangerous to American liberty

Not all Islamic people are anti-American and a large number of Islamic leaders condemn the attacks on Sept. 11th, however, Americans must be aware that terrorist attacks will continue unless the United States uses its military muscle at least to intimidate terrorists. I am glad the United States has finally responded.

I cannot think of a more just cause to fight a war; world terrorism needs to come to an end.  The American people have experienced a resurgence of nationalism, making it easy for Bush and military officials to launch a full scale war against terrorism. I cannot think of a more proper way to respond than military action; there must be a consequence for committing terrorist attacks, and I commend Bush for acting so responsibly and quickly.

Micheal J. O'Brien


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