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Volume 18, Number 22, May 26, 2004

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British Colombia's Avcorp Grows Employment

Avcorp Industries Inc. (AVP on the Toronto Stock Exchange) has announced that it has signed a new agreement with Bombardier which is expected to double the Company's production of horizontal stabilizers for the CRJ200 Series regional jet and the Challenger 604 business jet by sole-sourcing instead of dual-sourcing. Avcorp has manufactured over 1,000 units since the beginning of the highly successful Bombardier regional and business jet programs. 

The increased production rate will create approximately 50 aerospace manufacturing jobs at the Company's facilities in Delta, British Columbia. Deliveries relating to the new agreement commence in the third quarter with full production rates expected in the fourth quarter onwards. Avcorp also announced that it has delivered its 100th horizontal and vertical stabilizer set for the CRJ700 Series regional jet to Bombardier.

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