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Volume 18, Number 21, May 19, 2004

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ATA Airlines' Latest 737 Hits the Record Books

Boeing made history last Friday with its 'Next-Generation' 737 family reaching 1,500 airplanes.

The milestone delivery -- a 737-800 to Indianapolis-based ATA Airlines, Inc. -- occurred six years after Southwest Airlines received the first Next-Generation 737. The Next-Generation 737 family bested by four years the previous record holder, Boeing's family of Classic 737-300s, -400s and -500s.

To put that statistic in perspective, Boeing's 727 and Airbus's A320 are the only other jetliners to have deliveries of at least 1,500 airplanes. The A320 family, competitor to the 737, reached the 1,500  mark after 13 years while the 727 did so in 16 years.

More than just aviation trivia, the milestone Boeing 737-800 delivery represents good, solid business for the North American aerospace industries. For air carrier's the world over it represents proof of designed-in benefits like low operating and maintenance costs, advanced Heads-Up and Vertical Situation display technology not available on competing models

"This is a testament to the Next-Generation 737's efficiency and reliability; the confidence and trust the world's airlines have in it; and the efforts of our employees who design, build and support the 737 every day," said Carolyn Corvi, Boeing 737/757 programs vice president and general manager. 

Vice President, Marketing, Randy Baseler, added, "We know better than any other airplane company what airlines and passengers want. That's why the 737 is history's best-selling passenger airplane and why the 7E7 (Boeing's new 8,500 nautical mile-range ultra-efficient jetliner) will set a whole new standard for passenger comfort and airplane efficiency."

Overall, Boeing has received orders for more than 5,390 737s. At any given time, more than 1,200 737s are flying, and a 737 takes off or lands somewhere in the world every 5.3 seconds.

To date, Boeing has delivered almost 15,000 jetliners. More than 12,000 remain in the world's jet inventory.

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